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What are the common sound problems in the use of conference microphones

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The conference microphone is an indispensable device during the conference. It has different types and functions. When choosing, you should choose a better performance and sound quality. When the conference microphone is installed and used, there will often be some In terms of sound, today I will give you a detailed introduction to the common sound problems in the use of conference microphones.

1. The installation method of the conference microphone is as follows:

First of all, make sure that the conference microphone is plugged into the dedicated socket of the computer. Some computers have a front microphone that does not work. You can choose the conference microphone socket at the back. Usually the microphone interface is pink, and the green one is the speaker interface.

Secondly, double-click the small speaker in the lower right corner of the computer to turn on the volume control. This can also be entered in the audio options of the control panel, and then click the menu, and properties, and then open the dialog box to ensure that the conference microphone option is selected.

What are the common sound problems in the use of conference microphones

2. When using the conference microphone, the common sound problems mainly include:

1. There is no sound after insertion? It may be that after plugging in, the switch of the conference microphone is not turned on, just turn it on.

2. Why is there noise in the conference microphone? You can turn off the microphone enhancement in the audio settings. The method of operation is: double-click the little hot girl in the taskbar at the bottom of the desktop, and then click the advanced option.

3. Can't hear your own voice after plugging in? You can turn on the voice settings in the QQ voice, and then speak directly into the conference microphone, so that you can hear your own voice.

The function of the conference microphone in the conference is very important. When using it, it should be installed and used according to the requirements of the manual. If there is any abnormal problem, you can follow the above methods to solve it, or ask the conference microphone manufacturer to work The personnel come to deal with it to ensure the normal progress of the meeting.
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