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What are the characteristics of conference microphones

2021-03-18 553
As we all know, the conference microphone is a portable conference phone product. It can not only help everyone hold an Internet conference call, but also can be used as a speaker and hands-free phone through the headset interface. It makes the quality of wireless mobile phone conferences greatly improved. . So what are the characteristics of conference microphones? The editor will introduce you in detail below.

First, friends who have seen a conference microphone will know that its shape is very classic and generous, and because of its good portability, it is very convenient to carry. Of course, it is one of the essential equipment when holding a conference call.

Second, the conference microphone structure design is very tight and strong. As long as it is a product provided by a formal professional manufacturer, its quality and performance will be very guaranteed. Therefore, the quality of a regular brand conference microphone will be very guaranteed.

What are the characteristics of conference microphones

Third, the conference microphone adopts the new full-duplex technology. When making a conference call, the clarity of its sound quality is very good. As long as the microphone's pickup direction can be selected and set according to the conference scene, whether it is a conference The room is still in the office, and meeting and communication can be carried out without obstacles.

Fourth, it is called a conference microphone because the device can not only support computer internet teleconferences, but also better support wireless mobile teleconferences, and more importantly, it can support music playback on computers or mobile phones. And recording, which is a feature that other types of microphones do not have. Therefore, it is favored by many enterprises.

Fifth, the USB interface of the conference microphone is driver-free, so you can plug in and use it when you use it, which is very convenient, and the power supply provided by the interface bus is also very simple.

In summary, it is precisely because of the remarkable features of conference microphones that more and more companies cannot do without its use. Especially companies that frequently hold conference calls pay more attention to the purchase of conference microphones. For this reason, they also attach great importance to the choice of their manufacturers.
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