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The difference between Amazon's no-source and boutique model

2021-03-18 489
As we all know, the domestic e-commerce market has become saturated. Many long-term friends have turned their attention to overseas markets. Amazon, as the leader of cross-border e-commerce, has attracted much attention. At present, cross-border e-commerce Amazon is divided into two models, one is the boutique model and the other is the distribution model. It is very difficult for everyone to use the boutique model in the early stage. We need to have a certain amount of capital and logistics foundation and manpower packaging. Relatively speaking, the mode of distributing goods without supply is much simpler. Today, I will talk about the difference between the two in detail.

The Amazon boutique operation model literally means boutique, segmentation, and optimization. That is, we need to analyze a series of data information such as the hot products and keywords and pictures on the Amazon platform in the current season, and then filter out the products that have the potential to become hot-selling products. Data, and then upload the product. There are many details that need to be mastered, and we need to use certain operational experience and market analysis capabilities. This is basically difficult for inexperienced white sellers, and it is also a considerable investment for small and medium-sized enterprises. Because boutique-operated stores generally need to send the goods to the FBA warehouse in advance, this is a big expense.

The difference between Amazon's no-source and boutique model

Amazon's no-source model mainly collects hot-selling products from major domestic and foreign e-commerce platforms, and then uploads them to the Amazon platform after modification and optimization. After the store has an order, we place an order from the product collection platform and send it to the Shenzhen International Logistics Transfer Center. , After being checked and accepted by professional logistics packing personnel, and after the second packing, it will be sent to foreign sellers.

Due to the developed domestic production and manufacturing industries, the prices of domestic products are much lower than those in foreign countries. As a cross-border e-commerce company, Amazon mainly faces customers from high-consumption countries such as Europe and North America, so the profit margins are huge.

Which model is better, Amazon's no-source model or the boutique model, and whose profit is higher?

Comparing the two, the profit of the boutique operation model is higher than that of the no-source model, because the products of the boutique model are the best products that we have selected through repeated data comparisons and market surveys, but require a lot of investment. To operate, you must have certain operational skills. If Amazon has no supply model, there is no need to stock up, and the operation is simple and does not require too professional operational knowledge. Relying on a large amount of goods to increase the exposure of the store and increase the sales of the store.

Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. The specific choice depends on your personal thoughts. However, the editor still recommends that novices should use Amazon's no-source model in the early stage. It is relatively quick to get started, without much capital investment, and low risk. You can accumulate funds at the same time. At the same time, accumulate Amazon operating experience, and want to switch to a boutique operation model in the later stage of long-term development
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