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Empty paper cone speaker

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The empty paper cone box was invented by American Olson in 1935. This empty paper cone speaker technology has been in use ever since. The empty paper cone speaker is actually a variant of the phase-inverted speaker. The active radiator vibrates, and the air inside the box is inverted and then acts on the empty paper cone, causing the empty paper cone to also vibrate, and the vibration phase of the empty paper cone Same as active radiator.
Compared with ordinary inverted speakers, this type of speaker has five advantages: one is that no standing waves are generated in the box, the other is that the sensitivity of the low-frequency replay is relatively high, and the third is the resolution of the low-frequency replay. Good, the fourth is that the empty paper cone can effectively reduce the speaker amplitude, and the fifth is that it is easier to adjust the resonance frequency of the empty paper cone.

Flat speaker speaker
The cones of ordinary speakers are in the shape of cones, while the cones of flat-panel speakers are in a flat state. Flat-panel speakers mainly include electrostatic type and ribbon type. Speakers made of this type of speakers are called flat-panel speakers.
The feature of the flat-panel speaker box is that it can produce a real sense of sound field unmatched by the electric speaker. The sound reproduced by this type of speaker appears even more horizontally and vertically. Tianlang coaxial speaker
The British Tianlang coaxial speaker is a well-known speaker in the world because of the use of the Tianlang coaxial speaker (the coaxial speaker is the result of the Tianlang coaxial technology and has a history of 70 years). The so-called coaxial speaker is a speaker that combines the tweeter and the woofer into one. The Tianlang coaxial speaker places the tweeter in the center of the woofer, so that the tweeter and the woofer can harmoniously broadcast the correct phase tone. , The sound box made of this coaxial unit has good phase consistency between treble and bass.

Empty paper cone speaker

Coaxial speaker without voice coil
The non-voice coil coaxial unit speaker adopts a kind of speaker called non-voice coil coaxial. This speaker uses ICT (double induction) technology. The speaker manufactured by this technology consists of a mid-woofer unit and a metal dome tweeter located in the center, so it is also a coaxial structure speaker, so two units The phase consistency is better.

However, the tweeter in this kind of coaxial speaker is not directly connected to the power amplifier, but transfers energy through a device called a double induction system to collect the amplifier. Its working principle is quite similar to the original principle of a transformer, so The structure of the entire speaker has a mechatronics flavor. Compared with other full-range speakers, this kind of speaker has an increased safety system, at least the safety system of the tweeter unit has been increased, and at the same time a better sound quality is guaranteed.

QWT speakers
QWT speakers are quarter-wavelength load-type speakers. This type of speaker uses a vibrating tube to enhance sound waves with a wavelength 4 times the length of the resonant tube, which can effectively enhance the low-frequency part.
In addition, this kind of sound box can use its loading characteristics to give the speaker a sound pressure, so that the speaker has a smaller amplitude at its resonant frequency, so that the distortion is smaller. At the same time, the resonance tube of this kind of sound box is a wedge-shaped expansion tube, which is similar to a horn type when working, so the efficiency is relatively high, and there is no disadvantage of bad low frequency of the horn type sound box.
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