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How much do you know about dynamic headphones?

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On the way home, I must have a mobile phone on my body for fun on the road, and most of them also choose to wear earphones to isolate the noise.

Although the appearance of the earphones is different, the earphones are generally distinguished by the drive unit. They are mainly divided into three types: moving coil type, moving iron type, and electrostatic type. The quality of these three types of earphones is inevitably different for audiophiles. Arguing endlessly, after all, greens and carrots have their own loves, so we only talk about one of them-moving coil earphones.

Let's not talk about in-depth, long-term discussion is also a problem, so we will try our best to introduce dynamic headphones from a more introductory level.

1. Dynamic headphones
Moving coil earphones are indeed the most common form of earphones we see. Not only earphones, but most of all speaker products also use a moving coil structure. Its driving unit is actually a small moving coil speaker, which is connected to the diaphragm by a coil in a permanent magnetic field, and the voice coil drives the diaphragm to emit sound under the drive of the signal current.

Dynamic headphones sound performance

The sound of traditional dynamic earphones is very comprehensive, often one unit can have a wide frequency response range, and because of the large size, the sound performance is looser, natural and full, and the low volume is full, but it will be a little careless. Easily affect the clarity and detail performance of the sound.
Although the technology of the moving coil drive unit is now very mature, there will be no major changes in the structure. However, the development of permanent magnets with higher magnetic density, or the development of more ideal diaphragm materials and diaphragm designs, can still bring significant sound improvement. And generally speaking, the larger the diameter of the drive unit, the better the overall performance of the headset.

Dynamic earphone types
Generally, the types of moving coil earphones are distinguished according to the way they are worn, which are head-mounted, earplug, and in-ear.

As the name suggests, it is worn on the head, which is divided into closed, semi-open, and open.

Closed type: The earmuffs put a lot of pressure on the ears to prevent the sound from entering and leaving, and the sound is correctly positioned and clear, which is more common in the field of professional monitoring.

Semi-open: There are no strict regulations, and the sound can only enter but not exit, or only exit but not enter, and make corresponding adjustments according to needs.

Open style: The general hearing is natural and comfortable to wear. Hifi earphones are commonly used for home appreciation. The sound can be leaked, and vice versa, the outside sound can also be heard. The earphones have less pressure on the ears.

How much do you know about dynamic headphones?

Earbud headphones

Most of them are flat-head earplugs, which are relatively few people use at present. They are generally more comfortable to wear, but soundproof.


Also known as ear canal earphones, in-ear earplugs, or in-ear monitors, it is a kind of earphone used inside the human auditory organ. According to its design, it will seal the user's ear canal during use.

The above is the classification of dynamic headphones

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