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What are the characteristics of omnidirectional microphones?

2021-03-17 504
Many people have used traditional microphones, and they generally reflect that there are some inconveniences in the process of using traditional microphones. In response to the current needs of online conferences and teleconferences, omnidirectional microphones, a new type of electronic product, are more and more widely used in various occasions. Due to the greatly improved convenience in the process of use, omnidirectional microphones have gradually replaced A traditional microphone. So what are the characteristics of omnidirectional microphones?

First of all, the biggest feature of the omnidirectional microphone is that it is very light to use. Compared with traditional microphones, the omnidirectional microphone is greatly reduced in size and very portable. It is very suitable for meeting rooms, exhibition halls or other occasions. .

Secondly, due to the use of new production technology, the omnidirectional microphone also has a significant improvement in call quality, especially for important conference calls, the clarity of the voice is very important, and the omnidirectional microphone guarantees this very well. a little.

What are the characteristics of omnidirectional microphones?

In addition, the omnidirectional microphone also has the characteristics of plug and play, the microphone is connected to the power supply by USB power supply, and the operation process is very simple. The omnidirectional microphone is also very convenient to connect with other devices. It supports the use of computers or mobile phones to play voice data, which greatly improves the degree of sharing between different devices.

Finally, the omnidirectional microphone also supports computer and Internet connections, which is very convenient in the use of conference calls and other occasions. It can be used directly without too much debugging and installation, so as to save time and improve work efficiency.

There are many specific applications for omnidirectional microphones. At present, the product is constantly being updated, and the convenience and comfort are greatly improved during the use process, and the omnidirectional microphones are plug-and-play types, and no additional drivers are required. Such cumbersome links, together with other video equipment, can quickly build the basic environment required for current network meetings, and improve office efficiency to the greatest extent.
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