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Tips for placing conference microphones

2021-03-17 501
The placement of conference microphones is usually divided into two types, one is the desktop placement, and the other is the microphone stand placement.

Let’s take a look at the tips for placing microphones in this conference today.

When placing the microphone on the desktop, pay attention to the distance between the speaker’s mouth and the angle between the microphone. It is recommended that the microphone is aimed at the speaker’s mouth, and the microphone output frequency response characteristic is the best at this time. For cardioid microphones, the best angle between the mouth and the microphone is within 450.

Tips for placing conference microphones

When speaking during a meeting, in order to enhance the clarity of the language, the best distance between the conference microphone and the speaker’s mouth is 30~750px. If it is too close, low-frequency spray accents will easily appear, which will affect the clarity; too far, the microphone will pick up again Excessive mixed-talk and reflection sounds can easily cause howling. If the mixer is pushed down at this moment, the sound will not meet the requirements, and participants will not be able to hear what the speaker is saying; on the contrary, if the mixer is pushed too large, it is easy to produce howling. Therefore, it is very important to place the conference microphones as accurately as possible to the appropriate spacing of the speakers.

When the speaker makes a statement and needs to use two or more conference microphones, you need to place all the conference microphones as close as possible, and keep the distance between each microphone and the sound source, and try to be as flat as possible to avoid signal intersection Interference phenomenon that occurs. In addition, pay attention to the microphone phase to be common. When multiple people are speaking and multiple conference microphones need to be placed, the distance between the microphones should be more than 3 times the distance between the sound source and the microphone to reduce the phase interference phenomenon that occurs when the signals are added.
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