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3 common types of sound distinction

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Audio has made a great contribution to sound transmission in daily life, whether it is used for listening to music in the home, or used for sound transmission and amplification in the stage and conference room, or when walking in the park, it can be heard and used for It has a wide range of uses such as waterproof speakers for broadcasting. I believe that everyone can see all kinds of stereos in daily life, but in fact, there are different types of stereos. Let's take a look at the distinguishing types of three common stereos below.

①According to the occasion of use, the audio is mainly divided into two categories: home audio and professional audio. The home audio is generally not demanding and is used for daily amplification and listening to music at home. The appearance is generally designed to be exquisite and beautiful, with various shapes , The playback sound quality will be soft and delicate, the playback sound pressure level will not be high, and the power will be relatively small; and professional audio is mainly used in professional places such as stage, song theater, karaoke, etc., and the equipment used is mainly waterproof speakers , This kind of acoustic sensitivity requirements will be relatively high, and the sound will be clear and loud, it needs to withstand higher power, the playback sound pressure level is high, the intensity is strong, the appearance is usually relatively large, and the appearance is relatively simple.

3 common types of sound distinction

②Divided by cabinet structure According to the cabinet structure of the speakers in the audio system, it can be divided into sealed speakers, labyrinth speakers, inverted speakers, sonic tube speakers, and multi-cavity resonant speakers. Among them, the most used in professional audio is the inverted speaker, which is characterized by wide frequency response, high efficiency and loud sound pressure, which is in line with the speaker type of professional audio system. The sealed speaker has the advantages of simple debugging, wide frequency response, and excellent low-frequency transient characteristics, but its requirements for the dial unit are relatively high, which is relatively rare in home scenes. At present, in various audio equipment, sealed and inverted speakers will be widely used, and speakers of other structures account for a small proportion.

③Divided according to the audio frequency of the sound. According to the audio frequency of the audio, it can be divided into three types: full-range speakers, subwoofer speakers and subwoofer speakers. A full-range speaker refers to a speaker whose sound can cover all frequency bands from low to high frequencies. The lower limit frequency is generally 30Hz-60Hz, and the upper limit frequency is 15KHz-20KHz. Since the full-frequency audio covers a wide frequency range, only one or two pairs of full-frequency speakers are required in a general audio system to fully undertake the task of playback. Bass speakers and subwoofer speakers are generally dedicated speakers used to supplement the low-frequency and ultra-low frequency playback of full-band speakers. These two types of speakers are generally used in medium and large audio systems to assist in increasing the strength and strength of the main audio system. Shock etc.
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