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Which headphone, in-ear, or earbud has less damage to hearing?

2021-03-16 551
This kind of problem should be paid more attention, because the earphone damage to hearing has not caused the medical field to give a very formal clinical report for many years. In the past 30 years, the development of earphones, from being indifferent to only talking about sound quality and not mentioning ear damage, has harmed the health of many people's ears.

1. The most harmful-in-ear headphones. Double damage to the ears. The first damage is the eardrum damage. Because of its "excellent" sealing, it guarantees sound insulation and fullness of low frequencies, but the problem is that this complete sealing makes the sound energy completely exhausted in the ear canal, that is to say, it enters the ear Earphones (especially the in-ear earphones with good sealing) are the most fatigue-prone earphones.

Wearing for a long time can cause premature tinnitus, and now many 28- to 9-year-olds have symptoms of tinnitus because they always wear earphones.

Which headphone, in-ear, or earbud has less damage to hearing?

(The symptoms of tinnitus originally appeared in people around the age of 60) Originally in-ear headphones were only used in professional fields, such as stage musicians who need sound insulation. The second injury is physical. The reason why in-ear headphones can close the ear canal tightly is that the diameter of the silicone earmuffs is larger than the diameter of the ear canal, and the elasticity of the silicone is used to fill the ear canal. So for long-term wear, ear canal infection and swelling often occur, because of poor air permeability, sweating cannot be volatilized in time.

2. The second most damage, earplugs (referring to non-in-ear flat-head plugs here), because the earphone diaphragm is far away from the eardrum and is semi-open, a part of the sound leaks out and has good air permeability, and the low frequency is relatively less. But it is not recommended to listen for a long time while wearing it.

3. Less damage-headsets (excluding fully enclosed headsets) headset units will be farther away from our eardrums, coupled with worse sealing, resulting in sound leakage.
But the advantage is that part of the sound energy ran to the ear canal accidentally. In addition, because it does not have a structure deep into the ear canal, the headset basically does not damage the ear canal.
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