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Are bone conduction headphones better than in-ear headphones

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Introduction to Bone Conduction Headphones
Bone conduction is a way of sound conduction, which converts sound into mechanical vibrations of different frequencies, and transmits sound waves through the human skull, bone labyrinth, inner ear lymphatic fluid transmission, spiral organs, auditory nerve, and auditory center.

Compared with the classic sound conduction method that generates sound waves through the diaphragm, bone conduction eliminates many sound wave transmission steps, and can achieve clear sound reproduction in a noisy environment, and the sound waves will not affect others due to diffusion in the air. . Bone conduction technology is divided into bone conduction speaker technology and bone conduction microphone technology:

(1) Bone conduction speaker technology is used to receive speech, and the sound is heard when the speech is received. Air conduction speakers convert electrical signals into sound waves (vibration signals) and transmit them to the auditory nerve. The bone conduction speaker is a sound wave (vibration signal) converted from an electrical signal directly to the auditory nerve through the bone. The transmission medium of sound waves (vibration signals) is different.

(2) Bone conduction microphone technology is used to send a call, and the voice is collected when the call is sent. Air-conducted speech is sound waves transmitted through the air to the microphone, while bone-conducted speech is transmitted directly through the bones.

Earphones manufactured by using these bone conduction technologies are called bone conduction earphones, also known as bone conduction earphones, bone-sensing earphones, bone-transmitting earphones and bone-sensing earphones.

Are bone conduction headphones better than in-ear headphones

Advantages of bone conduction headphones
1. Safer to use

Compared with ordinary earphones, bone conduction earphones are placed on the cheekbones in front of the ears when in use, and the sound is directly transmitted to the inner ears through the skull bones. Both ears are always open and will not affect any external environmental sound entering the ears. Users can even chat with friends around them while listening to music. Therefore, they can hear outside sounds in outdoor places, on buses and subways, and when walking on the road, so bone conduction headphones can provide a higher safety factor.

2. Will not cause stuffiness

Whether it’s a headset or earphone or earphone, it will cover our ears when using it, which will directly cause the stuffy phenomenon, so Zifan refuses to use headphones in summer, don’t mention how uncomfortable the hot and humid taste is. Of course, in-ear headphones must be inserted into the auricle or ear canal, and this will cause bacteria to grow inside the ear, especially when the ear canal is blocked, the inside will become humid and hot, and the growth of bacteria will be even more crazy. It is also one of the important reasons for the ear canal inflammation in many young people. But what about bone conduction headphones? Because the ears are basically not touched, of course these problems are eliminated.

Disadvantages of bone conduction headphones
Bone conduction earphones truly release both ears. While bringing some advantages over traditional earphones, they will also lose the "sound insulation" or noise reduction effect of traditional earphones. Therefore, in extremely noisy environments, bone conduction earphones will also Become very weak, just put it aside to listen to music on the phone!

Are bone conduction headphones better than in-ear headphones

In-ear headphones, also known as ear-canal headphones, in-ear earplugs, or in-ear monitors (ie, the full English name of IEM: In-Ear-Monitor), are earphones used inside the human auditory organ. According to its design, Will seal the user's ear canal during use. L and R are written on the earphone. L is left, which means the left channel. R is right, which means the right channel.

Are bone conduction headphones better than in-ear headphones

Advantages of in-ear

1. Reduce the interference of external noise on listening to music, that is, in a noisy environment, you can enjoy music at a relatively low volume without being affected;

Are bone conduction headphones better than in-ear headphones

2. The closest contact with the ear is realized, and the leakage of sound is greatly reduced. This benefit can be used in two directions, that is, to increase the texture and volume of low frequencies, and to increase the performance of music details. At present, the low-end earplugs mostly use the texture and volume of increased low frequency, while the high-end earplugs mostly use the performance of increasing the details of the music.

Disadvantages of in-ear
1. For some people, wearing in-ear earplugs is a painful thing, and it is not suitable for ears with otitis media;

2. Using earplugs may scratch the ear canal;

3. Use by multiple people; easy to cross-infect certain germs;

4. The principle of sound is unnatural (sound in the ear canal through a small tube).

Are bone conduction headphones better than in-ear headphones

Are bone conduction headphones better than in-ear headphones
After reading the advantages and disadvantages of the two earphones, there is a conclusion, but in fact, no matter which earphone is better, it mainly depends on what you are using. You can't buy it blindly. So, let's follow the editor to learn about how to buy headphones.

The choice of headphones

There are many types of earphones on the market now, which can be subdivided into many categories, generally divided into earphones, headsets and earplugs. According to the wearing method, it can be divided into head-mounted, earplug, in-ear, ear-hook, rear-hang, and customized. According to the main functions, it can be divided into monitor type, hifi type, game movie type, noise reduction type, portable, sports type, etc.

How can I choose a headset that suits me?

First of all, we must understand the characteristics of different earphones. For example, closed earphones are better for sound insulation, but they are easy to have barrel sounds (talking to a wooden barrel with your mouth, the feeling of depression and echo is barrel sound); the open sound field is more natural and atmospheric , But the sound insulation is not good; the semi-enclosed type (semi-open type) is the more modest choice of the first two.

Earplugs are generally more comfortable to wear and soundproof. In-ear earplugs have good sound insulation. They are prone to discomfort after being worn for a long time. If they are not hygienic treatment, they can easily cause ear canal infections.

Secondly, it is necessary to determine which kind of front-end is commonly used: different front-end devices need to match different headphones, such as: mobile phones MP3, MP4, computers use low-impedance headphones, portable HIFI players can be extended to medium and high-impedance headphones, desktop devices and systems The selection range can be extended to high-impedance headphones.

The third is to determine the main functions and sound insulation requirements of the headset. For example, if you mainly listen to music at home and have a small personal space where you are not afraid to disturb others, then it is better to buy large open headphones.

If you are going to listen to music on the way to and from get off work, then a portable earphone with better sound insulation, or an in-ear earphone is your first choice. Of course, if you take into account safety, then bone conduction earphones are also a good choice, although they may be The sound quality will be reduced, but because the environmental sound can be taken into account, it is helpful to safety.
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