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AliExpress through train keyword matching method

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1. Keyword tool
A word search tool designed for AliExpress through train users with a usage rate of more than 70%. The methods include word search according to plan, word search by industry, and independent input of keywords to search for related words. It also provides search popularity, competition, and market. Equivalent for reference.

2. Word list combination method

Extract the product words, synonyms, category words, characteristic words, purpose words, intention words, general models, standard words or special words of the goods, and then combine keywords in batches through excel.

AliExpress through train keyword matching method

3. Data aspect
The "search term analysis" in AliExpress data integration integrates the resources of the entire network, and provides daily search terms, soaring words and zero result words under various industry categories, whether it is to choose keywords or choose product promotion. For reference, you can also download data.

4. Search result prompt
There is a drop-down search prompt in the AliExpress search box. The words appearing in this part are generally more popular keywords with relatively high traffic, but the word volume is small. You can add them when creating a hot sale.

5. System recommendation words
The simplest, most convenient, and most frequently used method is to select suitable keywords based on the relevance of the recommended results of the system, the search volume and the average market bid.

6. Other website tools

In order to obtain more common words and search habits of buyers, they usually go to Google, Amazon, eBay and other websites to dig out keywords.
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