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EBay account being frozen and its handling

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Although eBay’s entry threshold is relatively low, the review of sellers is not low. If you accidentally violate the rules, you will be restricted or blocked by the eBay platform. Many eBay sellers have encountered a situation where their accounts have been frozen by the platform. What are the reasons? How to deal with the suspended eBay account? Let me talk about it below.

There are usually several reasons for temporarily deactivating, restricting or freezing an account:

1. You have to pay eBay fees;

2. You need to compensate eBay for the refund to the buyer;

3. You violated eBay’s rules or policies;

4. Unable to verify your account information;

5. You need to update the payment method.

How to restore the account?

The procedure for restoring your account is very simple, just wait for the temporary freeze period to end, make changes to the listing, or provide more information to eBay, depending on the reason eBay freezes your account. eBay will send you a message to explain in detail.

EBay account being frozen and its handling

If your account is restricted or frozen because you have not paid the selling fee or reimbursed for a refund, you can make a single payment to solve the problem. Once eBay receives the payment, your account will be restored.

To make a one-time payment:

1. Go to the account in "My eBay".

2. Select the one-time payment next to the payment method for selling expenses and follow the instructions.

Note: In most cases, you can solve the problem of account restriction or freezing by making a single payment or following the steps described in the email we sent you in "Messages".

What happens after the account is frozen?

When your eBay account is frozen, you will not be able to perform the following operations:

1. Bidding, buying or selling items

2. Leave a credit rating

3. Create a new article listing or modify an existing article listing

4. Contact the bidder

5. Reply to the eBay message you received

Any bidder listed on an existing item can cancel its bid. After the account is restored, you will be able to leave a credit for any transactions completed within the previous 30 days.

Depending on the reasons for the account being frozen, eBay may end the listing of items early. If eBay removes an item listing due to a policy violation, eBay will determine whether you are eligible for a fee refund based on the circumstances and any past violation records. You can view these refunds on the "Account Activity" page of "My eBay". Please keep in mind that eBay may also confiscate publication fees depending on the reason the account is frozen.

Important notes:

If your account is temporarily frozen, restricted or frozen, eBay will send an e-mail to your registered e-mail address and eBay message, explaining the reason. eBay will also tell you what you need to do to restore your account.
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