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Talking about in-ear and shallow-in-ear headphones

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The characteristics of in-ear earplugs

1. Better to ensure the consistency of audio performance. This is why the current high-end in-ear earplugs are all in-ear earphones. For example, the px200 that people often say, some say it has strong bass, and some say it has no bass. In addition to excluding personal listening preferences, one thing that cannot be ignored is that the px200 has different sound leakage conditions on various ears of different shapes. This leads to a big difference in the sound of everyone, but as long as everyone puts the px200 on their ears hard, I believe that few people think that it has insufficient bass. Since ordinary portable earphones and earplugs must compensate and improve the low frequency of the sound to a certain extent, this limits the improvement of their sound quality, and in-ear earplugs can have a relatively consistent sealing effect on different ears.

2. Earplugs deep into the ear can effectively reduce external noise and reduce sound leakage.

3. The earplugs deeply irritate the ear canal.

4. Hygiene is a big problem.

Features of shallow in-ear earplugs

1. Compared with in-ear earplugs, shallow-in-ear earplugs greatly reduce the effect of reducing external noise.

2. The cost is greatly reduced. Save all kinds of complicated earmuffs and special parts. The earplugs that are shallow in the ear are basically a silicone ring. In noisy environments, due to excellent sound insulation capabilities, high-end deep-ear earplugs have unique advantages in protecting hearing.

2. Due to the unnatural pronunciation of in-ear earplugs, long-term listening will cause damage to the brain nerves. (Note: It is not the auditory nerve. After the person receives the sound, the brain will analyze and locate the sound. This unnatural sound will cause brain nerve fatigue.)

3. The high-frequency sound hurts the ears the most, mainly the auditory nerve, and the powerful bass mainly destroys the tympanic membrane.

4. The human body itself produces various internal noises (such as the sound of visceral activity). A considerable part of these sounds are transmitted out of the body through the ears. When in-ear earplugs are used, they can block and reflect these sounds, which can easily cause tinnitus.

5. In-ear earplugs may scratch the ear canal and cause bacterial infections, thereby affecting hearing and ears.

Talking about in-ear and shallow-in-ear headphones

6. The length of the human ear canal is generally 2.5 to 3.5 cm. According to physical knowledge, when the ear canal length d=(λ/4)+(kλ/2), it will cause resonance in the ear canal. Normally, the frequency of the sound wave that causes resonance is between 2500Hz and 3300Hz. The in-ear earplugs shorten the ear canal, and the frequency of the sound waves that cause resonance will increase to between 4000 and 5000 Hz. Note that the sound of this frequency band is the most harmful to the ears! [λ is the wavelength of sound wave; k=0,1,2,3……]

in conclusion

1. Listening to high-end earplugs at appropriate volume for a short time (not more than 1 hour) will not cause great damage to hearing.

2. Wearing earplugs for a long time (whether or not speaking) can easily cause tinnitus.

3. Earplugs that are shallow at the low end and sell for bass can be equated to the killer of the ears.

4. The earplugs with sound insulation can protect the ears in too noisy environments.

5. It is strongly recommended that users of in-ear earplugs pay attention to personal hygiene and do not cross-use them.
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