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How to respond to infringing emails from Amazon America?

2021-03-15 539
How to respond to infringing emails from Amazon America? I believe sellers who have processed Amazon Messages will notice that under each message, there will be a line of small words: Mark as no response needed (Mark as no response needed).

In order to avoid sellers from repeating some similar to Thank you. Thank you, too. Thank you, three. Thank you, four. This way, the email communication that has not been lost will affect the satisfaction of buyers, specially Designed a one-click function to indicate no need to reply. When a certain email from a customer confirms that the problem has been solved and no further reply is required, as a seller, you can mark it with one click.

Of course, if you happen to have a few emails overdue, you can use this approach:

Firstly mark it as no reply required to avoid the problem of overdue email response time. However, if the mark is marked, the mail still needs to be replied. After marking, return to the Message inbox, find the corresponding mail, and give a serious reply.

If you deal with many, many emails in this way, it’s a bit too much. Amazon’s powerful data detection capabilities will eventually make you pay for your speculative behavior.

All emails have been encrypted in the Amazon mail system. Buyers and sellers cannot see each other’s real email addresses. What we can see is a string of garbled emails with amazon.com as the suffix, and this Email, if you send an email with an email that is not authorized and recognized by the Amazon system, there is no way to reach the other party's mailbox. Therefore, if you want to contact customers directly by email as in other platform operations, don't think about it for now. .

In short, don't panic when you receive a complaint email, and you must humbly admit your mistakes. And this is the most important point, let Amazon see your sincerity.

Secondly, carefully look at each key mentioned in the email, such as the reason for the complaint, the mailbox of the complaining party, official opinions, etc., and analyze whether there is infringement. If the email has been notified that the other party’s trademark is infringed, the other party’s trademark name is XXX. The other party’s trademark registration number is XXXX. You can directly go to the official website of the Trademark Office to check whether the trademark actually exists and whether the other party’s registered trademark corresponds to the product category being complained about. For example, the other party uses a 25-category (clothing) trademark to complain about your electronic products. Products, that is not valid, trademarks are protected by classification. If the other party uses a Chinese trademark to complain about your sales on Amazon's US site, that is also unfounded. The trademark is protected regionally.

If there is no infringement, then we have to fight for reasons, by analyzing the other party’s complaint email, the reason for the complaint, and analyzing the evidence that we are not infringing, and submit it to the Amazon official.

If the complaint email does not mention the specific reasons for the infringement, you can also make a preliminary judgment on your own whether you are really infringing. First of all, does the listing description contain other people's trademarks? Do the trademarks and texts of the products on the pictures contain the trademarks of others? Secondly, if the product picture is downloaded online, does the picture infringe copyright? In addition, does the product have invention and appearance patent protection?

Then, the improvement measures taken at this stage in response to the error:

1. Remove Listing and recheck the specific situation of the product;

2. Remove all FBA similar products from the shelves and remove them from the FBA warehouse;

How to respond to infringing emails from Amazon America?

3. Provide customers with two sets of compensation plans, re-delivery or refund;

4. The logistics channels have been changed.

Finally, indicate what plans should be made in the future to avoid the recurrence of these problems:

1. Strictly select manufacturers and carefully inspect the products;

2. Recheck the Listing to ensure that the product description is consistent with the product itself in the future;

3. Be sure to keep the relevant invoices for Amazon's review;

4. Will not sell infringing products;

5. Do a good job of after-sales service for the sold products;

6. Use FBA 100%;

7. Continuously improve the quality of products and services, and strictly abide by the relevant regulations of Amazon.

It is not terrible to receive a complaint, it is the right way to deal with it actively.

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