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Is the speaker better closed or inverted?

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According to the cabinet structure, it can be divided into sealed speakers, inverted speakers, labyrinth speakers, sonic tube speakers and multi-cavity resonant speakers. Among them, the most used in professional speakers is the inverted speaker, which is characterized by wide frequency response, high efficiency, and large sound pressure, which is in line with the type of professional audio system speakers, but because of its low efficiency, it is less in professional speakers. Application, mainly used for household speakers, only a few monitor speakers adopt a closed box structure. The sealed speaker has the advantages of simple design and manufacture, wide frequency response, and good low-frequency transient characteristics, but it has higher requirements for the dial unit. At present, in all kinds of speakers, inverted speakers and sealed speakers account for the majority of the proportions. Other types of speakers have many structural forms, but they account for a small proportion.

, Closed Enclosure (Closed Enclosure) is the simplest speaker system, 1923 proposed by FrederICk, the speaker unit is installed in a fully sealed box. It can completely isolate the forward and backward radiated sound waves of the loudspeaker, but due to the existence of the closed box, the rigidity of the loudspeaker's motion mass to produce resonance is increased, and the lowest resonant frequency of the loudspeaker is increased. The sound of the enclosed speakers is a bit deep, but the bass analysis is good. When using ordinary hard folding ring speakers, in order to obtain satisfactory bass reproduction, a large cabinet with a large volume is required. Most of the new enclosed speakers use a suitably high Q value. Compliant speakers. Utilizing the elastic effect of the compressed air quality enclosed in the box, although the speaker is installed in a smaller box, the air cushion behind the cone will exert a reaction force on the cone, so this small enclosed speaker is also called an air-cushioned speaker .

Is the speaker better closed or inverted?

2. The passive radiating speaker (Drone Cone Enclosure) is a branch of the bass reflex speaker, also known as the empty cone speaker. It was published by Olson and Preston in the United States in 1954. The empty paper cone (passive cone) of the magnetic circuit and voice coil is replaced. The radiation produced by the vibration of the passive cone and the forward radiated sound of the speaker are in the same phase working state, and the composite formed by the air in the box and the passive cone support components Sound compliance and passive cone quality form resonance to enhance bass. The main advantage of this kind of speaker is to avoid the unstable sound produced by the sound hole reflected, and it can get a good sound radiation effect even if the volume is not large, so the sensitivity is high, and it can effectively reduce the speaker's working amplitude and the influence of standing waves. Small, the sound is clear and transparent.

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