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Q&A: Which is better, earphone or headset?

2021-03-14 537
Which is better, earphone or headphone?

In fact, headphone and in-ear earphones cannot directly distinguish which is good, but two different earphone types. The specific sound quality is also related to the actual parameters of the earphone design, sound unit, tuning, etc., so let's talk first. Talk about the advantages and disadvantages of these two types of headphones!

Generally speaking, the music atmosphere and spatial positioning of the headphones are better than those of the in-ear type, and the sound field will be more shocking and have an immersive effect. The relative disadvantage is that it is relatively large and not very convenient to carry. The biggest advantage of in-ear headphones is that they are light and portable, which saves space to the greatest extent, and is more convenient to carry when going out. At the same time, it is easier to drive when used with a mobile phone.

Q&A: Which is better, earphone or headset?

In terms of wearing comfort, in fact, head-mounted and in-ear types also have their own advantages, and it is not possible to directly distinguish which type is better. In-ear headphones are light-weight to wear and not easy to cover sweat, but I recommend that you avoid excessive volume when using in-ear headphones, because in-ear headphones are closer to the eardrum, which can easily damage your hearing. Headphones are better wrapped, and they will be easy to cover sweat when worn for a long time, especially not suitable for use in the relatively hot summer. In fact, in the headset, there is another type of "on-ear" design, this type of headset is not as comfortable as the "all-inclusive" headset.

Of course, thanks to the over-ear design of the headset, it has another advantage that the sound insulation effect will be relatively better, while the sound insulation effect of the in-ear headphones is relatively average, especially the semi-in-ear headphones, the sound insulation effect is almost zero , It is only suitable for use in some relatively quiet occasions. With the continuous upgrading of consumption, there are now many in-ear headphones with active noise reduction function, which are no longer restricted by the environment in use, and have become one of the choices of the current trendy crowd.
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