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There are so many advantages of in-ear headphones. Why do people insist on using flat-head plugs?

2021-03-14 561
Although most of what we can see on the market are in-ear headphones, in fact, traditional flat-head headphones (hereinafter referred to as flat-head plugs) still have a certain degree of inquiries. No, in Baidu Post Bar, we can occasionally see friends asking where to buy this type of headset. Some manufacturers are also developing and launching this type of headset. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of earphones? Why do some friends prefer this kind of earphones?

Due to the design characteristics, the flat head plug does not need to enter the user's ear canal to allow the user to listen normally. Unlike in-ear headphones, the thickness of the catheter, the deflection angle, and the size of the cavity must be considered. Be aware that in-ear headphones have too thick catheters and too large cavities, but they are not very popular with girls with small pinna and ear canals. In addition, matching the flat head plug with a sponge cover can not only make the wearing more stable and comfortable, but also can fine-tune the sound to make up for the lack of mid and low frequency caused by the flat head plug due to leakage.

There are so many advantages of in-ear headphones. Why do people insist on using flat-head plugs?

However, it is also the use of the sponge cover that the problem of insufficient stability of the flat-head plug has also surfaced. It is really inappropriate to wear the flat-head plug for exercise. In addition, many flat-head plugs have openings on the back of the sound cavity. These openings can miss some sounds, ensure that the sound stretches naturally, and create a more relaxed sound field effect. But it is also because of these openings that the flat head can be plugged in a relatively quiet environment (such as a library), and the leaking sound can be heard.

The emergence of in-ear headphones is to solve the problem of flat head plug wearing and sound leakage. Since the sound transmission tube enters the ear canal, the sound transmission is more direct. At the same time, the shape characteristics of the in-ear earphones are combined with different shapes, and they can use the ear canal and auricle to exert force at the same time and wear them stably. After wearing the in-ear style correctly, it can isolate most of the external sounds and achieve a better sound insulation (passive noise reduction) effect. As for the problem of low sound field dullness, which is common in early in-ear headphones, it has been solved to a certain extent with the continuous development of materials and technology.

Compared with flat head plugs with a longer history, in-ear headphones have more obvious advantages in today's use environment. That being the case, why do people still choose flat-head plugs? Since in-ear headphones need to be inserted into the ear canal, two problems arise: whether they fit the ear canal when worn, which is especially common among female users; because the catheter goes deep into the ear canal, some friends are also worried that the in-ear earphones will harm the ear Road, even damage to hearing.

Regarding whether it is suitable for the ear canal, we can check the thickness of the catheter when buying earphones, and cooperate with different types of earmuffs to ensure the comfort of wearing. As for the impact on hearing, in theory, in order to achieve the same sound effect when worn correctly and tightly sealed, in-ear headphones do not need such a loud volume, and they will not cause such a big impact on the ears compared to flat-head plugs. However, Xiao Niangjun still recommends that no matter what style of earphone you use, in addition to listening time not too long, you also need to clean the ear canal to avoid inflammation.
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