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How can the conference microphone system speak clearly and hear clearly?

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Interaction-such as communication between colleagues, teachers and students, and board members, is the most critical aspect of a meeting.

It is the video conferencing system that enables participants in different locations to communicate smoothly, but the communication between people in the same room is often overlooked.

Traditional audio systems allow the audience to hear the speaker or lecturer's voice, but cannot allow the audience to hear each other clearly.

Why can't you hear clearly?

1. The volume level naturally decreases as the distance increases

As the distance between the speaker and the audience increases, the volume level will naturally decrease.

In a typical indoor environment, the mid-to-high frequencies, which are critical to speech recognition, are often first offset by background noise and chaotic sound wave reflections.

2. The sound spreads forward from the speaker's mouth

Since the sound is mainly transmitted forward from the mouth of the speaker, this effect will become more serious when people are not facing each other in front of each other.

But even if it is face-to-face communication, if the person sitting at one end of the room does not use the power of the pubic area to speak, the person at the other end may not be able to hear what the other person is saying.

To make matters worse, people may not complain about these problems because they think that they are the only ones who can't hear them.

Solution: Voice enhancement

The solution to this problem is a special audio system called "voice boost".

The voice enhancement system amplifies the human voice in a certain area of the room to a large enough level, so that people in other areas of the room can clearly hear their voices.

Different from the traditional sound reinforcement system, the voice boosting system only enhances those frequency ranges that are most critical for speech recognition, and only restores the volume loss caused by the distance between the speaker and the listener in the room.

Normally, a voice boosting system increases the volume level in the room by up to 3 to 6 decibels. The effect is very natural and not easy to notice, so that many users do not realize the existence of voice enhancement until the audio system is turned off.

How does the voice boosting system work

A typical voice boosting system is similar to a traditional public address system, consisting of a microphone, digital signal processor, amplifier and loudspeaker.

How can the conference microphone system speak clearly and hear clearly?

The big difference is that it divides the room into different areas, and the microphones in one area are only connected to the speakers in other areas.

Although it is possible to use a standard desktop microphone with a voice boost system, a ceiling microphone is a better solution.

First, the microphone must have a very compact polarity pattern to prevent it from receiving the sound from the loudspeaker, otherwise it will generate feedback and invalidate the voice boost system.

Second, the pickup area of each microphone must be accurately oriented in order to pick up the desired human voice.

Common suspended omnidirectional or cardioid microphones cannot provide sufficient voice enhancement functions without generating feedback, and even most array microphones are insufficient in this regard.

Under what circumstances is it appropriate to use a voice boost system

Voice enhancement technology is suitable for large rooms, where it is difficult for participants at both ends of the room to hear each other's voices.

Usually the minimum size of the room is about 12 meters x 12 meters, and the distance between the speaker and the audience is at least about 7.6 meters. The above data can be used as a more suitable reference.

Because if it is still difficult to hear the other party's voice in a room smaller than this, acoustic means may be needed to solve the problems of excessive noise caused by air handling, corridors, and electronic equipment.

In theory, there is no limit to the size of the room where the voice boosting system is installed. Instead, the ceiling height requirement has a greater impact on the success of the system than the room size.

In most cases, the ceiling microphone is installed between 2.4 meters and 3.6 meters above the floor, depending on the indoor sound field, it may also be installed at a higher position.

Voice enhancement is very effective in many applications and environments, especially interactive and multi-directional conversations, such as those involving many students or attendees as listeners, plus a major lecturer or speaker on the stage.

In training rooms, report halls, and even large conference rooms, the voice enhancement makes it easier for participants in any position in the room to hear the sound in the entire room.

When the voice boost system is set up correctly, communication becomes so natural that participants will not realize whether it is on or not until you turn it off.

Whether the speaker moves to the stand microphone or waits for the microphone to be delivered to them, it will cause awkward waiting time, which will greatly reduce the effect of the scene.

The voice enhancement system can make communication smoother and easier. Every participant can talk, move and interact naturally, without having to consider the problem of being restricted by hardware.

Control and configuration

During a video conference or when people are collaborating in small groups, the voice enhancement system may not be needed; when everyone is sharing their ideas indoors, the voice enhancement function can be activated so that each group can hear each other’s voice .

MXA910 can assign and call templates with specific microphone pickup lobe configuration, thus simplifying the configuration process

By simply selecting the room control system, the microphone will be properly configured when the room is divided or combined, for simple speech and display, or set as an interactive training course scene. The voice boost configuration can be activated only when needed.

It is critical to choose a system integrator that has experience in voice enhancement systems and allows necessary adjustments during the commissioning phase.

An experienced installer will first optimize the equalization of the speakers, which is very important to ensure that the system is stable and achieve the expected volume level in each area.

The changes brought about by the installation of the correct voice enhancement system are not easy to detect; after the correct configuration, many people cannot even perceive that the system has been turned on.

However, when the system shuts down, they will realize some potential technical means to make the communication and conversation just now easier. This is the function of an effective voice enhancement system-it makes the entire communication experience more natural.

The sound enhancement system pushes this experience to a new level and brings a multi-functional audio solution, thereby improving the ability of participants to listen, understand and communicate in an economical and easy-to-configure manner.
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