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Shopee's market analysis of each site, which site is easy to do?

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Shopee is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia, and it has developed rapidly in recent years. Currently, the cross-border categories of sites are: Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam. Among them, the largest number of platforms are Indonesia, Malay and Taiwan.

Next, let's talk about the market situation of these sites and which site is better?

1. China Taiwan and Malay Stations
At present, sellers in mainland China have two options for registering on Shopee: Taiwan, China or Malaysia. These two sites are also the most mature and fast-issued sites.
The Taiwan site has the highest unit price for customers, and the logistics time limit is about 5 days. It can be communicated directly and can be communicated directly in Chinese. It is suitable for sellers of a certain treasure, a cat, and a certain east that are transforming cross-border e-commerce; based on the characteristics of consumers in Taiwan, China, The secret of doing a good job of the Taiwan site is to maintain the interaction and stickiness with the buyer group at all times. The shopee Taiwan site requires merchants to do activities in a trick, and it is the site with the most thorough reflection of shopee's social e-commerce attributes.
The consumption power of the Malay people is increasing year by year, and the time limit is about 7-10 days. The communication is mainly in English, which is suitable for sellers of cross-border e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, wish, and AliExpress to expand the Southeast Asian market.

However, since these two sites are the preferred sites, they are also the sites with the largest number of Chinese sellers, and the price war is fierce.

Shopee's market analysis of each site, which site is easy to do?

2. Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam sites
Shopee Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam are in small-language markets. Currently, English products are supported on the shelves. After the shelves are listed, Shopee’s local operations team will translate the titles of popular products into local languages one after another. For these three sites, Shopee will also arrange local customer service to respond to buyers' inquiries.
The consumption habits of Thailand and China are similar, and Shopee has also helped sellers solve language and logistics problems. Domestic sellers can easily transplant their business from Taiwan to Thailand.

3. Philippines site
The Philippines station is the largest and youngest station in the market. It is currently in the demographic dividend period, with a large population base and a majority of young people. The ability to accept new things is relatively strong, and it belongs to a market with huge potential. In terms of preferences, Filipinos are more willing to buy products that cannot be found locally. This is also one of the main reasons for Filipino buyers to shop online. It should be noted that the Philippines is also very fond of cash on delivery. About 90% of the orders in the Philippines are from cash on delivery.
The main hot-selling products in the Philippines site are 3C electronics, maternal and child products, household products, women's clothing, beauty and health care.

4. Singapore site
Singapore has a small population and a high GDP per capita. Although the purchasing power is strong, the market is small and the number of orders is small. It is recommended to maintain normal operations after opening a store, and ship if there is an order. The consumption habits of Singaporeans are similar to those of Europeans and Americans, and they have higher requirements for the quality of the content of product pictures and product detail pages. The Singapore site is suitable for vertical high-quality routes, requiring merchants to fine-tune operations on products and categories. Shopee's internal operation team will also do some classification processing for Singapore site merchants, which is the most different place between Singapore site and other sites.

In general, if you are a seller who is preparing to settle in shopee, the first choice is to choose Malay and Taiwanese sites, and then Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand are recommended. As for the Philippines and Vietnam sites, it is recommended that they be considered last. Of course, this is just a little suggestion, everyone’s situation is different, and you need to choose the corresponding site based on your current actual situation.

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