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How to quickly restore Amazon listing rankings?

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In recent months, Amazon has been slow to put on the shelves after receiving the goods. My own products are also waiting anxiously, and they are more or less out of stock. The rankings have been falling. After the products are on the shelves, they are the first Time is to get back the rankings of these listings. It is said that listing rankings are prone to ambiguity. The ranking in my mouth is more about the keywords of your listing after they are included in Amazon. They appear on the first few pages of the search results. Many people The first reaction is to think of a specific series of numbers on the sales rank, which is the sales rank.

What needs to be clear is that if you want to restore the previous ranking, it is actually the same as creating new products. Many people think that the old products that have fallen from the rankings are not the same as the new ones. I don’t agree with this view. I think that the old products that have fallen from the rankings are in the same situation as the new ones. They are lack of traffic. If you want to solve the lack of traffic The problem is to find a way to let more people see your product. The two main ways can be done immediately in our station.

Find a way to make your listing keywords appear on the first three pages of search results: in this way, buyers can see your products more and have a chance to make a deal. Each listing will have many keywords, and these keywords are included in different situations. Many small partners will say that my product keywords cannot be searched. Is this really the case? In my experience, if you can’t make a listing, it will have keywords that can be searched out. Maybe the word is very long and small, and the traffic it brings is not much. For example, the number of daily visits for a single word of this kind of word is 3 5, but you may not pay attention to this word. If there are enough such small words, gathering less and making more can also have great power to help you open more orders. So the most easily overlooked point is whether there are such keywords in your listing? In fact, there are and we can find out. For example, with the help of the keyword tool I usually use, we can list the long-tail words very well. Search in the red box as shown in the figure, it can sort all the long-tail words from high to low search volume, which is very comprehensive.

When you know that the product has a lot of long-tail words, what you need to do is: find a way to bury the words in the listing, especially the long-tail words with lower traffic; embed the keywords, the first reaction of the friends is the title , Five-point features, description, search terms, in fact, there are also content like QA Q&A and review, which can be appropriately embedded in these long-tail words with small traffic to increase the relevance of listing, and even the naming of product images can be used. Use product keywords to increase listing relevance.

In addition to long-tail words, we have to seize the core words of large traffic. Many friends will come to me and ask me, Brother Qiang, can I do keywords on the homepage? My idea is that if it is an old product, products with good conversion rates in the past can be considered, but it is also risky. Its basic principle is to use the N buyer number to continuously search for keywords and find yours in the search results. Click into the listing, and keep repeating it to increase the click-through rate under the keywords of your listing in a short period of time, so that the corresponding keywords appear on the first page of the search results. The principle is correct, but this kind of behavior is gray. Amazon has penalties for detecting it, so be cautious.

So if we let us work hard from which aspects to start?

How to quickly restore Amazon listing rankings?

In fact, when talking about keywords, the homepage is about click-through rate. What should I pay attention to next? When many people click on your product, it is best that these people click in and buy your product. This is the conversion rate. . High clicks increase conversions, then Amazon A9 will judge that your products are more popular with consumers, and at the same time you bring profits to Amazon, then Amazon will try to link you to more traffic, which is to let you use this keyword The ranking is even higher. That's why I don't encourage people to use keywords on the homepage to promote products, but use social media to find buyers to help you place orders, or test them. Because this is to maximize the simulation of real buyers looking for products and buying products. This is also an important means to improve the ranking has not changed!

Ad placement is coordinated with ranking: In the case of re-impacting rankings, we can temporarily ignore the problem of the profit input-output ratio of the advertising itself. The main purpose is to spend money to buy traffic, so that the overall order volume of the listing can be rushed forward. There are also three kinds of ordinary SP ads in the back-end advertising form, brand ads, and display ads. In fact, they can all be smashed at the same time to enlarge the traffic in a short period of time. However, there is a prerequisite, which is that the number of product reviews and ratings is relatively large. The score is also relatively high, and the advertisement itself is a thing that is strong when it is strong.
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