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What are the advantages and disadvantages of inverted speakers and enclosed speakers?

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At present, in all kinds of speakers, inverted speakers and sealed speakers account for the majority, and other types of speakers have many structural forms, but they account for a very small proportion.

Inverted-phase speakers have an inverted hole on the speaker panel. Because of the holes, the sound inside the box can be radiated to the outside. It has a higher power capacity and lower distortion than a closed speaker, sufficient low-frequency volume and high sensitivity, and is characterized by wide frequency response, high efficiency and high sound pressure. Under the same volume and unit conditions, the inverted loudspeaker can obtain a lower low-frequency dive cut-off frequency than the enclosed loudspeaker, thereby reducing the driving power requirements of the amplifier.

There are always advantages and disadvantages. Since the diameter and length of the inverter tube is a fixed size that is not adjustable, it can only be designed according to an approximate ideal parameter value, and it is superimposed with the sound wave in front of the speaker unit. There is also the problem of distortion of the original waveform due to the time difference, which causes the subjective listening experience to feel that the transient characteristics of the inverted speaker are poor, especially when replaying low-frequency sudden signals. This type of design is designed The speaker performance is a bit muddy.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of inverted speakers and enclosed speakers?

Airtight speaker, the structure of this speaker is all sealed except for the speaker opening, so that the speaker cone is divided into two airtight spaces at the front and back, one is an infinite space outside the box, and the other is a closed space with a certain volume Space in the box. Since the space inside and outside the box is isolated from each other, the acoustic short circuit and mutual interference phenomenon can be eliminated. It is characterized by relatively simple structure and good transient response.

Since the air volume inside the closed speaker does not change, the diaphragm of the speaker unit can form proper damping with the air pressure in the speaker when it is working. When the speaker unit is pushed forward or retracted, kinetic energy must be paid. Therefore, it is common The efficiency is lower than that of the inverted speaker, the requirements for the unit are relatively strict, and the low-frequency dive cut-off frequency is relatively higher than that of the inverted speaker.
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