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How can AliExpress choose the right product?

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We who are engaged in cross-border e-commerce know that a good product determines a lot of important factors. Many sellers often choose products, which result in very few orders. Therefore, a good product is an important part of ours. Core competitiveness. Therefore, many factors need to be considered when selecting products.

Choose products rationally and refuse to be blind

The first point: a stable supply is needed. Regardless of whether we can make a product larger in the future, the most important thing is whether there is a stable source of supply. Otherwise, when the time comes, the order will be out of stock, or the production will be discontinued, then our order will be scrapped , Not only is this single abolished, it also affects our overall store situation, which is very unfavorable for us.

The second point: Is there enough working capital? For some products with higher unit price, if you don’t have enough capital to turn around, then you will have difficulty in capital turnover when the freight is paid, and the product will be purchased There are difficulties again.

The third point: Do you want to know that you are doing a part-time job? Or to use this job to support the family, as a serious job.

Consider products with difficult logistics delivery

It is necessary to consider products that are difficult to deliver by logistics, such as liquids and powders. You need to know that some logistics are not allowed to be delivered. You must first figure out whether your product can be delivered in your local logistics channel. You this product.

How can AliExpress choose the right product?

Consider platform price positioning

If you build a platform, you must first understand this platform. Like AliExpress, it is a platform that sells at low and medium prices. Then, first of all, the purchase price of your products should not be too high. In the selected product category, if you calculate the prices of other sellers, the total price of your products is too high, then you need to compare them.

Consider foreign customs

You need to know the customs of foreign countries, which are different from the customs of our country, so don’t think that the things we like, those foreigners like, you need to check the habits of foreigners and go to some foreign countries. Social software, such as Facebook.

Consider seasonal arrival time

If you know that foreign countries have their own holidays when choosing products, such as Christmas, you can choose to upload some products that you need for Christmas one or two months before Christmas. Why is it the first one or two months? Because, from home to abroad, your delivery time is almost a month's delivery time. So put it on the shelf in advance.

Off-site reference

Understand the industry's heat and trends, and collect keyword data. It can be a kind of reference outside our site and help us to further understand the market conditions. If you are unfamiliar with the target keywords, you can use simple vocabulary to get the popular keywords of each search portal, check the traffic of heavier keywords, and analyze the data, so as to know the frequency of use of the product keywords .

We got a piece of data through accurate data analysis. The ratio of male to female buyers on AliExpress is 3:7, while the ratio of male to female purchases is 6.28:3.72. The main consumer groups are between 14 and 35 years old. What does this data show? Even though the ratio of male to female buyers is smaller than that of females, male buyers still account for a large proportion.

Therefore, when you select products, you need to analyze small details from a big data. Moreover, we also know the age group of the consumer group, which means that this age group is a large part of the mainstream consumer group on AliExpress, so when choosing products, we must focus on the consumption characteristics of this group of people.

When you choose a product, you need to consider the category of a product. We must first set a general direction according to our own situation. Only in this general direction can we make a good selection.

Some specific points on the selection

1. Choose some products with higher profits.

2. Choose some products with small size and light weight.

3. To subdivide the category, it is best to choose a category to operate.

4. Choose some simple and easy-to-operate products. Products that do not have too many functions and are complicated to operate, otherwise, it will increase our after-sales work.

5. Choose durable products that hardly have any after-sales repairs.

6. Grasp the sales of holiday goods.

7. Try to choose exquisite and fashionable product packaging, which can put some gift cards, thank you cards, etc.

8. You can also consider designing a brand yourself.

9. If you want to sell, you need to keep an eye on the categories of popular products. You can also pay more attention to some unpopular products.

10. Know your own target customer group. Understand their consumption characteristics, understand what kinds of brands they like, and their share of the market.

11. Understand how a product is distributed by competitors in your category.

Deciding which industry or category to do, or a little more detailed, choose which product, it's the product research part. Do further data analysis of the product's price, ranking, picture, name, description, etc., to fully understand the product, and then to further calculate the cost and profit, you can go to the buyer page of AliExpress to check the price of the same product as you

After confirming the product, you can find the source with peace of mind. Don't look for those sources that have some products, but you suddenly stop production after you place an order, so that's the end of the game. The cost must also be calculated, and the funds are not enough to ship the goods. Your shop can easily be closed.

Choose the right product and operate efficiently, and your product will soon become a hot product.
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