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What is in-ear headphones

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In-ear headphones, also known as ear-canal headphones, in-ear earplugs, or in-ear monitors (ie, the full English name of IEM: In-Ear-Monitor), are earphones used inside the human auditory organ. According to its design, It will seal the ear canal of the user during use.

Functions of in-ear headphones
This tightness basically provides two functions:
(1) Reduce the interference of external noise on music: In a noisy environment, you can enjoy music at a relatively low volume without being affected.

(2) A closed environment is provided, which greatly reduces sound leakage: increase the texture and volume of low frequencies, and increase the performance of musical details. These earphone tubes will be connected to the earmuffs and inserted into the front half of the ear canal, thereby creating a A sealed listening environment. Many high-end in-ear headphones even customize eardrums for customers to provide the best comfort and perfect sound insulation.

What is in-ear headphones

basic component
In-ear headphones are sometimes referred to as earplugs. It refers to earphones that are small enough to fit in the ears. There are two main types: earbud (non-in-ear) and canalphone (in-ear).
Earbuds are worn on the open part of the ear, usually outside the ear canal. They can use the form of "headband" or "ear hook" to increase the wearing comfort, but because they are not deep into the ear canal, they will naturally not form the kind of sealed listening environment.
In contrast, canalphones/IEM are partially inserted into the ear canal, thereby creating a sealed listening environment. The reason why many websites mistakenly label IEM as earbud is because they do not know this level of difference.

working principle
Compared with in-ear headphones, although active noise reduction headphones are larger in size, they still do not provide better noise reduction effects. And people usually think that the sound quality of many noise-canceling headphones is at best second-rate (compared to the price you pay for them). In contrast, in-ear headphones are smaller in size without sacrificing sound quality.
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