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How to choose between in-ear and semi-in-ear headphones? Compare these 3 points

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At present, there are three main ways to wear Bluetooth headsets: head-mounted, in-ear and semi-in-ear. Among them, the use of headphones is still a minority, and they are generally music super enthusiasts. Many people still tend to choose in-ear or semi-in-ear headphones, and their compact and lightweight advantages are more in line with the needs of portable use scenarios.

The most obvious difference between in-ear and semi-in-ear is the design of the earplugs. One has an extended ear shell cavity and the other has a flat head. In-ear headphones are generally bean-shaped, short and thick overall. Of course, there are special circumstances. For example, Apple’s latest Airpods Pro are long-handled in-ear headphones. The semi-in-ear type is almost exclusively long-handled.

In addition to the difference in appearance, in-ear and semi-in-ear headphones have very different experience in use, including wearing feeling, sound quality, and noise reduction.
Wearing comfort is related to wearing time

First of all, let’s look at wearing comfort. In-ear headphones can penetrate deep into the ear canal and are firmer to wear and not easy to fall off. However, it will be uncomfortable to wear for a long time. Therefore, if the in-ear headphones are more comfortable to wear, it is a test of the manufacturer’s ergonomics Capable. Semi-in-ear headphones are designed with flat head plugs, which are basically outside the ear canal. They will be more comfortable and relaxed when worn, and will not cause discomfort when used for a long time.

How to choose between in-ear and semi-in-ear headphones? Compare these 3 points

Cavity design affects sound quality and noise reduction performance
In terms of sound quality and noise reduction, the two are also quite different.
The sound unit of semi-in-ear headphones is relatively large, and the sound is emitted from the external auditory canal, which causes most of the sound to be "blocked" in the external auditory canal, and some of it will be reflected outside. It is commonly understood that it is sound leakage, and the airtightness is relatively poor. The sound insulation and low frequency performance are not so good.
The front cavity of the ear shell of the in-ear earphone can be inserted into the ear canal, and the airtightness is high, the sound quality is of course better, the sound quality is easier to feel the impact of bass, the sound insulation effect is much better, and it is not easy to be affected by external noise interference. Even in a noisy subway, bus or road, you can enjoy music without being affected.

At the same time, the sound of in-ear headphones is directly transmitted from the guide mouth to the ear, which can minimize the leakage of sound. The sound is also delicate and natural. Even if the volume is turned on very low, the sound transmitted to the ear is very large. Very clear.

Can in-ear headphones cause hearing loss?
Having said that, I remembered that there were many headline party articles on the Internet, saying that long-term use of in-ear headphones can cause hearing loss, and it is necessary to rectify its name here.
There is a saying in the earphone industry: Wearing earphones for a long time to listen to music can cause deafness 30 years in advance. In fact, no matter what kind of earphones you are using, too long use time and excessive volume are all factors that cause hearing loss.

When using earphones, the volume should not exceed 85 decibels, which can be simply understood as the volume of the sound you usually talk to. Do not wear the earphones for more than 4 hours to minimize the damage to your ears.

Buying advice
If you have a greater need for earphones for sound quality and noise reduction, and the use scenes are too noisy, such as subways, bus stations, etc., the continuous use time will not exceed 3 hours, it is recommended to choose in-ear headphones, which will give you more comfort Audio experience. Of course, when driving or walking on the road, friends who wear earphones are best to wear only one earphone to avoid not receiving dangerous signals from the outside world.
At present, the choice of in-ear headphones is very rich, and everyone can choose them according to their budget and needs. I usually buy Green Union, a digital brand that I often buy. Recently, I have seen their official channels often use knowledge about TWS headphones. I guess they must be ready to release headphones. Xiang Xiaoxuanfeng heard that their first model will be a one. It remains to be seen whether these in-ear headphones with good overall performance are the "True Fragrance" series.
If you are a heavy user of headphones, wear headphones at all times when listening to music, answering calls, and watching movies. If you use them continuously for more than 3 hours, you don't have much demand for noise reduction. You can consider choosing a semi-in-ear type.
After all, there is no difference between good and bad earphones. The ones that suit you are easy to use. Finally, I want to remind everyone not to use them for too long and protect their hearing!
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