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How to choose a high-end conference microphone?

2021-03-12 483
How to choose an enterprise-level conference microphone? How to equip an enterprise-level live broadcast with a microphone?

1. What is the function of the conference microphone?
1. High-definition sound, no delay
The sound is transmitted accurately, there is no noise interference, and the delay is reduced. The conference microphone makes the speaker effortless and the people participating in the conference are not sleepy. If only the microphone of the mobile phone is used in the video conference, the delay and noise floor are still very obvious.

2. The sound is clear
There is a conference microphone, the speaker does not need to shout hard, and the speaker's voice is clearly transmitted in low decibels.

2. What is the difference between an advanced conference microphone and an ordinary conference microphone?
1. The difference in sound

The biggest difference between the advanced conference microphone and the ordinary conference microphone is that the advanced conference microphone can accurately transmit sound, the sound is not empty, and there is almost no delay.

How to choose a high-end conference microphone?

2. Bottom noise
This friend who has used conference microphones knows that there will be a slight noise when using it, which is inevitable for ordinary conference microphones.
Advanced conference microphones can effectively avoid the noise floor, and will not affect the progress of the conference due to the lack of the microphone itself.

3. The company's brand image
The shape and color of high-end conference microphones are often tested after the use of many large-scale conferences, and they often have a very comfortable high-level sense, which is very necessary for large companies.

Third, the price of conference microphones
Consider gooseneck microphones below 1,000 yuan. Most of these microphones are easy to use;
1000 yuan-10000 yuan There are many choices in this price space, and the shape can be selected according to actual needs.
More than 10000 This level of microphone sound quality should be understood in advance, because the basic choice will take a long time, and the styling should consider whether it is responsible for the company’s meeting image
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