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How to choose a conference microphone

2021-03-12 499
1. Sound quality
When leaders or workers are speaking, they need a clear voice. Therefore, when choosing a conference microphone, the sound quality must be clear, the sensitivity should be high, and the distortion rate should be relatively small, and there is no noise or low noise. You can try its voice when you choose, so that its pronunciation effect can be heard.

2. Speaker layout, microphone orientation
Of course, each meeting room has its own style, the speaker layout is also different, and the directivity of the microphone will be different. Therefore, you can choose a suitable microphone according to the layout of the speakers. In a conference room with a centralized or semi-centralized sound reinforcement system, cardioid or super-cardioid microphones should be selected, so that participants in various positions can hear the speech clearly; if it is distributed, you can choose The cardioid microphone can hear far away.

How to choose a conference microphone

3. Get started
During a meeting, some people spoke on stage for the first time, and they were nervous and sweaty. Therefore, when choosing a microphone, try to choose the one that is very easy to use, so that the microphone will not slip down because of too much tension. Whether it is a boss who often talks to us or talks infrequently, we should choose a microphone that is comfortable to hold.

4. Anti-interference ability
In the era of rapid development of electronic products, it is a common phenomenon that the interference of electronic products will also affect its sound during the meeting. Therefore, in order to have a good conference effect, you should choose a microphone with anti-interference ability, so that there will be no noise due to the annoyance of the signal.
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