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Starting from Amazon Launchpad, can it really be responsive?

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Launchpad, Amazon's seller program for innovative products, knows everything. The early commentators have fallen into the altar now, and the real sellers have fewer exposure channels to increase the weight. The sellers ask, can there be a replacement? Of course there is, Launchpad.

Who is Launchpad?

Launchpad is a program developed by Amazon to help sellers with unique and innovative products connect with millions of customers. The entry barrier is high, and sellers need to submit an application to enter. Approved sellers will receive additional support from the platform.

Launchpad is mainly for startups, many of which come from crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Patreon (Launchpad also opens up other funding channels for some products). Amazon has established partnerships with many large crowdfunding sites to launch new products exclusively on the Amazon market.

Launchpad warmly welcomes sellers who have successfully raised funds on Kickstarter or other platforms.

What kind of support will Amazon provide for sellers who join Launchpad?

Sellers are most concerned about what kind of support they can get from Amazon after entering the program. Launchpad has said that the benefits of the program are not only for the white sellers, but the sellers of the "southern war" are around the seller center With "Seller Central" as the axis, there is also a chance to score twice with Launchpad.

The benefits announced by Launchpad include:

·Amazon Technical Consultant—This technical consultant works for Amazon. He is a knowledge sharing officer and an internal observer with insight into the industry. Some internal circulation news is only open to sellers who join Launchpad;

·Advertising adviser—also from Amazon, provides professional and accurate advice on the PPC layout of sellers, and improves the output ratio of advertising;

·Premium A+Content—Compared with Standard A+ Content, which is open to all registered sellers, Premium A+Content takes the "circle layer" route. Launchpad will provide products with special functions and modules, which are expensive to international brands. ;

·Additional display space-sellers' products can be displayed in exclusive display positions, such as: Launchpad category page, Launchpad new product launch page and standard new version page. These display positions can add additional exposure to the product, while also reducing competition;

·Email promotion-Amazon will send consumers promotion e-mails for products that have joined the Launchpad program. This is undoubtedly a source of huge external traffic, and the natural ranking of sellers can also skyrocket.

·Amazon themed advertising promotion—If you plan to promote a certain category, products that join Launchpad will appear in Amazon’s marketing campaigns;

·Market observation report—The market observation report cannot be obtained without joining Launchpad;

Launchpad access rules

All sellers and brands are eligible to apply. Registering as an Amazon seller for no more than 3 years and a year's operating income of less than 5 million US dollars is a prerequisite. After sending the application, Amazon will send a dedicated person to review the information submitted by the seller.

As we all know, the Amazon platform has always been consumer-oriented, so for sellers, the quality of the product determines whether the seller can meet the qualifications for access. This refers to the product "appearance", that is, as of now, consumers' Feedback is also a parameter to measure the future market potential of a product. The number of product reviews cannot be less than 5, and the score cannot be less than 3.5. The delivery uses FBA service and the product bears the Prime logo. The above four requirements are indispensable.

In addition to the access conditions listed above, sellers also need to complete the Amazon Brand Registry (Amazon Brand Registry).

What kind of products can meet the access requirements?

Returning to the product itself, Amazon not only provides hard standards, but also uses system algorithms to predict the future sales trend of the product.

The five categories that have been added to Launchpad include Beauty & Personal Care, Home Furnishing, Grocery, Toys and Kitchenware. In addition, Electronic Accessories, Sports & Outdoors, Apparel & Accessories are also on the list. If sellers want to "put a word in their hearts" in advance, they can first browse the products on the crowdfunding website that have high petitions. They reflect the people's wishes to a certain extent. Amazon will also collect public opinion from the crowdfunding community. From the perspective of platform review and future trends, they are ideal choices for sellers.

Starting from Amazon Launchpad, can it really be responsive?

Launchpad fees

Sellers who join Launchpad need to pay the original commission and place an additional 5% fee for a single order. The starting period of the plan is 12 months. If the seller's total sales exceed 1 million US dollars during the period, Amazon will adjust the additional commission rate to 3%.

Amazon will give notice 30 days before the expiration. After the expiration, the seller can cancel the subscription. Also note that if Amazon believes that the seller is disqualified, even during the contract period, the seller will be removed from the plan.

Will Amazon control the seller's listing and pricing?

The answer is no. Sellers once reported that Amazon would confiscate the seller’s gold shopping cart if the price was too high. Amazon also often engages in big promotions, which is undoubtedly a secondary compression of product profits.

In short, sellers still hold pricing power, but Amazon believes that unreasonable pricing will affect consumers' shopping experience and endanger the living space of similar products. Sellers with similar behaviors need to be corrected in time to avoid prosecution by the platform.

Which Amazon sites around the world have joined the Launchpad program?

United States;

United Kingdom;







Among them, Launchpad went online in Japan in 2017 but Nichia cancelled the plan afterwards; Launchpad on the Canadian site only contains products in one category.

What is the difference between Launchpad and Accelerator?

The two are very similar at first glance, especially the technical support for advertising and marketing can be described as a "twin". The difference is that sellers who join the Launchpad program have the leadership of the supply chain and brand, as well as special product display space. Sellers who wish to have exclusive operating rights can rush; under the Accelerator program, sellers will become Amazon’s suppliers, and With the right to take orders in the name of the seller. Accelerator is a good way out for sellers who have established a firm foothold on Amazon and are interested in finding Amazon "acceptance". Most of the suppliers from China will choose Accelerator, and the inclusion of Amazon under the umbrella of Amazon will be a good source of their advantages. The supplier and Amazon form a joint relationship with the store.

Is Launchpad worth a try?

If Amazon can fully fulfill the promise of the previous article, the answer will be self-evident. However, some sellers who have joined Launchpad reported that the technical support is useless, and it may take several weeks for a problem to be picked up by the technical support staff. Some sellers said that the actual effect of driving sales is far from expected.

Here is another reminder for sellers:

1. For the 12-month Launchpad plan, the seller does not have the right to launch it midway. Even if the seller is not satisfied with the use effect, the seller will have to hold it until the end of the contract, so consider carefully before entering;

2. Make good use of the crowdfunding website mentioned above. Sellers can use these websites as self-inspection windows, and some products may be too avant-garde, or they may not allow consumers to get points and be buried by the platform. Even sellers who do not need crowdfunding can browse as knowledge expansion;

3. Make a long-term plan. Products that join the Launchpad program need to be sent to Amazon's designated warehouse in advance, which will undoubtedly increase the cost burden of sellers' inventory management;

4. Make good use of human resources. Mass emails are easy to fall off, but it is always worth a try for sellers. The "prepared fans" harvested during the crowdfunding period should be put to good use by inserting the Amazon purchase link of the product in the email to notify the good news of the product launch and call for everyone to buy;
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