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How do Amazon sellers manage orders?

2021-03-12 549
Sellers who do cross-border e-commerce will inevitably encounter customer refunds and order corrections. In fact, all platforms are the same. Today, let us take a look at Amazon's common order problems and solutions.

1. The buyer has submitted a wrong order and hopes to modify it.
Here are the places where buyers may ask you to modify your order and how to deal with it:

cancel order
(1) If you haven't shipped it yet, you can cancel it. Buyers only have 30 minutes to cancel their order after submitting the order, but you can cancel it before shipping.
(2) If you have already shipped the goods, you cannot cancel the order, but you can ask the buyer to return the goods and refund them. It is best to wait until you get your product before refunding it to the buyer.

Upgrade transportation
(1) If you haven't shipped it yet, it's up to you to decide whether to upgrade the transportation at the buyer's request. The seller is not obligated to provide services that the buyer has not paid or promised to pay in the future (the seller cannot invoice the buyer for additional expenses, including postage).
(2) If you have shipped the goods, provide the buyer with the delivery method you use, give them a realistic time frame, and ask them to be patient. Amazon provides buyers with information about delivery expectations, please check: Marketplace Shipping Times.

Modify the delivery address of the order
(1) If you have not delivered the goods, and the buyer says that the original address cannot receive the goods, you should cancel the order. Then the buyer can return to Amazon.com to place the order again with the new address. Amazon’s policy requires sellers to ship only at the address provided in their seller’s account.

(2) If you have shipped the goods and the buyer pointed out that the order address cannot receive the goods, the order cannot be cancelled at this time, but it may still be forwarded to the buyer by the person receiving the goods. Or the recipient will return it to you, and then you will refund to the buyer.

How do Amazon sellers manage orders?

2. The buyer did not receive the product they ordered.
As you know, buyers are often eager to get their holiday orders and keep emailing you to know the status of the goods.
(1) If the goods contain tracking information, provide the buyer with the carrier and tracking number to help solve the problem about the delivery date.
(2) In the case of slow arrival, you need to explain the delivery time limit.
(3) In the case of product loss, you should contact the shipper to understand the problem and ask for remedies. For products that are "late" and may have been lost, you may need to ask your shipper to help find the goods and ship them successfully.
(4) If the latest delivery date has passed, the best solution is to refund the buyer. The only compensation for the buyer’s loss is the cost of doing business.
(5) For those products that are truly lost, you can still recover your costs if you originally purchased insurance. When buying insurance, you need to estimate in advance the extent of your possible losses.

3. The buyer has received the goods, but wants to return the goods.
Here are the basic methods for handling returns:
(1) According to your sales agreement, your return and refund policy must comply with the latest Amazon refund policy. You must accept returns and exchanges in accordance with the principles stated in Amazon’s policies, even if the product is described correctly, but the buyer does not want it.
(2) The return of a new product is different from the return of a damaged/faulty/material product.
(3) The returned goods must include everything at the time of receipt.
(4) If there is no problem with the product, the buyer should bear the cost of shipping back and forth.
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