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2021 sports earphone buying tips

2021-03-11 538
What kind of earphone is suitable for sports?


1. Comfortable to wear and not easy to fall off

2. Waterproof

3. Battery life


4. Headphone noise reduction and call noise reduction

5. Sound quality

Let’s talk about wearing

It is not recommended to wear earphones with cables during exercise, such as wired earphones and neck-mounted earphones. Earphones with cables will produce a more obvious stethoscope effect, such as the sound of collision and friction between the earphone cable and clothes when walking, and the neck-mounted cable is It also collides with the neck during exercise, which makes people feel uncomfortable.

Semi-in-ear true wireless earphones are the most comfortable choice. Typical ones are Apple’s airpods and Huawei’s Freebuds3. These earphones are the lightest and have no stethoscope effect. They can be worn for a long time and are very useful for people who wear glasses. friendly. The disadvantage is that there is a risk of loosening during exercise, and the sound quality of the open structure is not too good, and it is only a level that can be heard.

In-ear headphones go deep into the ear canal, and the closed sound cavity structure makes it sound better and easier to immerse. However, traditional in-ear headphones have a stethoscope effect, and some people will feel uncomfortable.

It is more recommended to choose shallow earphones. If you are worried about the earphones loosening and falling, you can choose the model with ear wing or ear hook support, but the ear hook type is not very friendly to wearing glasses, and it will be uncomfortable to wear for a long time.

The significance of sports earphones is that they are anti-sweat during exercise and can be easily washed with water after being contaminated with sweat or worn in the shower after exercise.

In order to meet this demand, we need to buy a waterproof grade above IPX5.

2021 sports earphone buying tips

The earphone protection level is represented by IPXX

The first X is dustproof; the second X is waterproof

There are 7 levels of dust resistance from 0-6:

Sports earphone protection to level 5 is enough

0: no protection

1: Prevent the intrusion of solids larger than 5 cm in diameter

2: Prevent the intrusion of solids larger than 1.25 cm in diameter

3: Prevent the intrusion of solids with a diameter greater than 2.5mm

4: Prevent the intrusion of solids with a diameter greater than 1mm

5: Can not completely prevent dust, but the invading dust will not affect normal operation

6: Completely prevent any dust

There are 9 levels of waterproof from 0-8:

If you only sweat, level 4 is enough; if you want to wash with water, you need level 5 waterproof.

0: no protection

1: Prevent vertical dripping water droplets

2: Anti-tilt 15-degree water droplets

3: Water droplets falling from 60 degrees on the shell have no effect

4: Prevent water droplets splashing in all directions

5: Can withstand low pressure water spray for 3 minutes

6: Can withstand a large amount of water spray for 3 minutes

7: Can be immersed in 1 meter deep water for 30 minutes

8: Can be immersed in water more than 1 meter deep for a long time

Therefore, if you wear it while taking a bath, it is recommended to start buying with IP55 protection.

3. Battery life
Generally, wireless earphones have a battery life of more than 3 hours, which is enough for most people who exercise. For those with long battery life, please refer to the product parameters.

4. Noise reduction
This is an advanced requirement. Active noise reduction is a very useful technology in relatively safe but relatively noisy fitness venues such as parks and gymnasiums. But on the road, noise reduction will affect safety, you can choose models with ambient sound (such as the transparent mode of airpods pro).
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