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Common maintenance knowledge of earphones

2021-03-11 505
1. Basic protective measures when using headphones can affect the life of the headphones, such as avoiding use in high or low temperatures

2. Do not pull the headphone cable directly to unplug it. The earphone should avoid contact with liquid or humid environment to avoid affecting the sensitive electronic components in the earphone.

3. Should try to choose the most suitable earplugs for the size of the ear canal to avoid squeezing and pushing and pulling to the greatest extent.

Common maintenance knowledge of earphones

4. For the cleaning of headphones, different cleaning methods should be adopted depending on the material of the earmuffs and headband. If the material is artificial leather, it is advisable to use a soft cloth dipped in clean water to wipe off the sweat; the cloth can be carefully removed according to the instructions in the instructions, and rinse off with clean water.

5. The volume of the earphone should be turned down before use, and then the volume should be adjusted appropriately.

6. Headphones should not be worn while sleeping, because wearing headphones while sleeping is easy to crush them.

7. For the parts that are relatively easy to damage the earphone cable, it is necessary to minimize hard bending and let the earphone cable sag naturally, which is a good way to prevent the earphone from being damaged.

8. It is cold in winter and the wire is hard and brittle. Excessive bending can easily break the wire. Please use it carefully.

9. The most easily broken earphone is not the wire, but the plug, the plug, and the plug. Don't mess around when plugging and unplugging.

10. The earphones should be kept away from moisture. If the earphones are in a damp state, the earphone unit will rust and the resistance will increase, and the earphones will be biased.

Better protection of headphones is not a difficult task, and it will not take up too much of your time, but the long-term effects it can bring are obvious. Therefore, after reading this article, pay attention to the maintenance of the earphones, after all, they are all expensively bought.
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