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What products are good for AliExpress newbie shops?

2021-01-29 488
What kind of product is AliExpress suitable for? Many new AliExpress sellers finally face the problem of not knowing what product to sell after opening the store. Sellers who ask this question always think that if they are backed by other people's experience, they will be successful if they do it themselves. As everyone knows, this idea is too wrong.

First: if someone else does a good category, why do you ask, he will tell you 100%? After telling you, if his product has more competitors, a fool will do it;

Second: Even if someone tells you seriously which category is good for sale, it doesn't mean that you will be able to do this category. Others can do it or sell well. It depends on the timing, product, operating strategy, and executive. When you do it, many factors are not the situation at the time. Maybe there are more opponents, maybe the industry is cold, maybe consumer demand changes, and there is Various things may cause you to be unhappy after entering;

It is much easier to think about the above two points clearly and then to talk about this issue. What category is easy to do is not up to you take it for granted, nor does it depend on others' recommendations. But more, we have to consider future changes and our own situation.

If there is demand, there will be products to meet, and then there will be a market. AliExpress has a large number of categories. Existence is reasonable, that is, all categories can be done. The difference is that different categories are different due to different platform policies, and the difficulty of entering and selling is not the same. All categories can be done, but I want to remind you: Instead of thinking about which category is easy to do, it is better to think about which category is suitable for you?

Considering that different categories, product consumption frequency and after-sales cost are very different, we can think about it first: there may be industries with a higher correction rate, do you want to do it? Are there any competitive industries or products available nearby? I choose?......

If you are a good seller who doesn't know what to do, think of it like this:

What products are good for AliExpress newbie shops?

If I don’t want to do behaviors that have a high rate of disputes, a high probability of damage, and a high probability of being complained of infringement, then you can exclude industries such as shoes, clothing, lighting, and toys. Clothing and footwear products are related to size. Even if the same size is worn by people of the same weight, there may be different feelings such as looseness and tightness. There is no way, each is different, and the size of footwear products is slightly larger or smaller. There is no way to tolerate it, which greatly affects the walking experience, so if you don't want to have a high dispute rate, you can ignore this type of industry. Remember: what we are talking about is relative comparison with other industries, not absolute.

For example, if you don't want to do too much damage rate, then you should not do it in the lighting industry or some more sensitive equipment. This is not an absolute, but a relative suggestion. We cannot deny that even in industries that require handling, even if the packaging is delicate and the journey is long, the probability of product damage will still be higher than that of drop-resistant products under the violent sorting by couriers (which is a high probability). The same goes for the toy industry.

After asking our own thoughts, we eliminated many categories on the first point, and on the second point we have to consider our own situation. If you are in a product belt, it is relatively easy to get the goods or cooperate with the factory. For example, in Shantou, it is certainly good to make sanitary ware, hardware, and ceramic products; in Baigou, there are advantages in making luggage; in Shenzhen, there are many advantages to doing 3C digital products.
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