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What does UHF wireless microphone mean

2021-03-11 475
Many friends do not understand what UHF wireless microphone means.
Today I will explain.

Everyone must first figure out what a wireless microphone is.

What does UHF wireless microphone mean

A wireless microphone is a microphone that does not need to be used with a cord. When I went to KTV to sing, I used the microphone to sing directly, there is no line
UHF wireless microphone is a wireless microphone made of UHF frequency band.
The UHF frequency band is the frequency range of 400-900Mhz.
A wireless microphone has a frequency. As long as the frequency of the wireless microphone is within the range of 400-900Mhz, it is a UHF wireless microphone.
The advantage of UHF wireless microphones is that there will be less interference, less interference, and the sound will not be afraid of intermittent.
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