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As a newcomer, how to choose a wireless microphone and how to avoid pits

2021-03-11 383
Recently, some friends have asked me to recommend a microphone, but they don’t know much about their own requirements. So today I want to talk to you about a few questions that novices need to think about before choosing a microphone.

First of all, the first point, you must be clear about the application requirements of the microphone. It is what you want to record with it, whether you want to record vocals, instruments or ambient sound, and whether you want to use it indoors or outdoors. Because each microphone has different characteristics. For example, different pickup directions, different sound pressure level tolerance, different sensitivity, and even different brand products have different frequency response characteristics. So these are all things we have to consider when choosing a microphone. Don't be vague, don't be ambiguous, and don't expect a microphone to meet all recording needs.

As a newcomer, how to choose a wireless microphone and how to avoid pits

The second point is the consideration between performance and cost-effectiveness. Do you pursue performance or prioritize cost-effectiveness. If you are pursuing performance and having a sufficient budget, you will definitely give priority to products of big brands, with mature technology and good performance, but the price is relatively expensive. In fact, the recording equipment is the same as the photographic equipment. The microphone is like a camera lens. The two thousand yuan Sony lens and the 50,000 yuan Zeiss lens, the gap between them must be very large. If you are prioritizing cost performance, then you must be clear, that is, you must compromise some performance characteristics. Because there is no cheap and easy-to-use microphone, it is like you only have a budget of 1,000 yuan, but you are too chasing performance, then you will definitely waste more time in the end. Of course, everyone's requirements are different, and this is another matter for us.

The third point is to have a budget and to do a proper budget evaluation. Without a budget or a very low budget, it would be unrealistic for us to talk about performance and various applications. There is no point without a reasonable budget assessment. For example, the recording of short video projects and the recording of movie projects. The budget gap between them is very large. If you only have a budget of 5,000 yuan to record a movie, then this sound must be difficult to make in the end. So the best thing I want to emphasize is that all the pursuit of quality always needs to be paid.
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