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Reasons for the low conversion rate of Amazon ads

2021-03-11 462
1. Inaccurate keywords
The premise is that our advertisers are set by default, and then the ads have no exposure or very few clicks. In this case, the keywords may be inaccurate and the keywords need to be changed. Or search your own keywords in the search box to see how similar it is to our own products.

2. Keywords are too broad
Too broad keywords will result in large exposure and large traffic, but the CTR is relatively low. At this time, the keywords should be long-tailed, and the previous words will become long-tail words or add a word to refine the keywords. Compare the two values to determine a range.

Reasons for the low conversion rate of Amazon ads

3. The keywords are displayed at the wrong time
The display time of the keywords is wrong, that is, the CTR is not bad but the exposure is relatively low. This kind of need to increase the advertising budget, make its exposure expand or carry on the exposure in the effective time.

4. Price issues
The price problem is that the exposure is high and the clicks are not high or low. Relatively speaking, you may have run 5 or 6 products, but the clicks are neither high nor low, and there is no order. At this time, you can try to adjust the price

5. There are problems with the drawings and descriptions
If there is a problem with the drawings and descriptions, high exposure and high clicks means that there is no order. At this time, you need to modify and adjust the drawings and descriptions.

6. There is a problem with the comment
Problems with comments will result in high exposure, high clicks, and fewer orders. There are also some orders, but the conversion rate is poor. At this time, the comment problem must be resolved.
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