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2021 Amazon US site Prime Day report kicked off! ?

2021-03-11 459
Yesterday, a seller received an e-mail about Amazon's Prime Day report, saying that they can report to participate in the spike on the member day in the background. In addition, the seller issued a specific notice about the PD report of the US station, as follows.

Important time nodes:
March 8 Prime Day promotion, flash sale, Prime targeted coupons

Mar 29 Exclusive Privileges for Prime Members

April 16th Prime Day promotion ends

May 28th Prime Target Coupon Reporting Ends

May 31 FBA closes for entry

2021 Amazon US site Prime Day report kicked off! ?

Amazon reminds: background recommendations will be constantly refreshed, sellers should report them as soon as possible when they see recommendations in the background. If you don’t report for a long time, you may be brushed off. It is not recommended.

Although the report was confirmed by the investment manager, some sellers said that they had not received an email about the Prime Day report.

It is understood that the reason why some Amazon sellers in the US received the report emails is that the platform has just begun to publish the Prime Day report invitation emails, and the platform has certain requirements for the seller’s qualifications: "have a professional seller account", "at least every month Five seller feedback", "average seller rating reached 3.5 stars". After that, Amazon may successively send emails to eligible sellers.

In addition, the president also learned that currently only Amazon's U.S. station is open for reporting, and that the European station and Japan station Prime Day will also be opened soon.

Regarding the specific time of Prime Day 2021, Amazon has not yet announced the official date. If there is a notification, the president will follow up in time and provide the latest information to everyone.
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