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How to choose an acoustic guitar speaker?

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Different from the status of the electric guitar amp, the acoustic guitar amp has always been a piece of hardware that seems to be very important to musicians but does not know how to choose. Most people's attention is generally on the electric guitar all-tube amp, but it seems that there is not so much discussion about the acoustic guitar amp.

You may always think that when the acoustic guitar is recording, it is better to use the microphone directly at the sound hole and directly into the mixer on the spot. This makes the acoustic guitar speaker the most overlooked link.

But in fact, as long as the acoustic guitar amplifier is selected well, it can make your performance recording more high-quality, so today we will briefly talk about the acoustic guitar amplifier and how to choose a suitable acoustic guitar amplifier.

At present, the common acoustic guitar receiving system is divided into bottom string pillow type, sound hole type, suction cup type and microphone type. The characteristics of each sound are not the same, and the pickup effect of the bias is also different.

Can an acoustic guitar be connected to an electric guitar speaker?

Acoustic guitars can of course be plugged into electric guitar amps, but because electric guitar amps often use some speaker models to make your acoustic guitar sound less crisp, and not all electric guitar amps provide spatial effects for you to adjust. It will also make the tone of your acoustic guitar sound drier and less resonance.

Not just using an electric guitar amp, if your acoustic guitar is directly connected to the PA system, the sound will be dry and resonant without the effect.

After all, the sound composition of acoustic guitar plays a very important role.

Why do you need an acoustic guitar speaker

In fact, there is an important point in using acoustic guitar speakers: monitoring.

In fact, when you play an acoustic guitar, you do not hear your own voice completely because of the angle, and the sound you hear is not the same as the sound received by the pickup.

Especially before playing on stage, you must make sure that the sound from your guitar is still good after being amplified by the PA system. Therefore, confirming your own sound by the speaker during practice will also help you to perform better.

How to choose an acoustic guitar speaker?

How to choose an acoustic guitar speaker

Acoustic guitar amps are different from other amps in the selection. Its purpose is to amplify your sound, so the wattage and the built-in effects are the first factors you need to think about. In terms of wattage, first decide whether you are using it indoors or outdoors.

The general data is:

Below 20 watts: home practice

20 to 40 watts: small indoor performances

40 to 75 watts: noisy venues such as small bars or street performances

75 watts to 100 watts: used during rehearsals or performances with the orchestra

What are the effects on the speakers

The effect required by the solid wood guitar is very simple. Most acoustic guitar amps are designed with Chorus or Reverb effects, which are used to complement the resonance after amplification, although the sound coming out is different from the sound you directly listen to the piano.

But this is also the advantage of using speakers for practice. After all, if you only listen to the sound of the piano for a long time, you will not be able to master the sound of the performance on stage. This is also the benefit of using acoustic guitar speakers for practice.
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