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Headset buying guide: what to pay attention to when buying a true wireless Bluetooth headset

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Before we talk, we have to make sure that everyone’s understanding of this type of product is consistent. If they are not consistent, there is actually no need to read it. After you read the following paragraph, you can turn it off. If it makes sense , Then the following content will help you.

[Core View]
The starting point of true wireless Bluetooth headset is convenience, and the use scene is more outdoor, so there are some necessary indicators that will become necessary options for evaluation or purchase, such as: wearing comfort, battery life, appearance, volume, audio experience (not Including sound quality, but including noise reduction, wind noise, bottom noise, etc.).
As for the sound quality, the Bluetooth headset itself is difficult to achieve good sound quality at a cheap price, so as long as it is balanced, or almost. "Not bad" is the guarantee for the sound quality of the Bluetooth headset, which is acceptable to most people. As for audio enjoyment, look for it for more than 1,000 yuan.
If you feel that the above points are similar to what you think, then read on. If the opposite is true, just close the article.

[Beginning of text]
At present, the market for true wireless Bluetooth headsets is very messy, but if you look carefully, you will find that there are not many such products from major headset manufacturers, basically one or two models, and then choose the model according to the sales volume of this model. On this basis, noise reduction is added, and the price is raised again and again.
And true wireless Bluetooth headsets also have several selling points. This is a question you have to think about before buying, because it determines how much you need to spend.
For the experiential school, the price of this type of headset is expensive, such as: AirPods Pro, Sony WF-1000XM3, Samsung Galaxy Buds Live. Under normal circumstances, people with such a high budget will not be too entangled, and basically know what they need.
Noise reduction school, many people think that headphones with noise reduction are better than those that don’t support it. This is a very one-sided logic. First of all, you have to know if you need noise reduction. If you don’t need noise reduction, use the money to buy one. The supported headphones may have better sound quality and other experiences.
In addition, noise reduction does not shield you from all sounds, but helps you to remove some continuous noises, such as air conditioners, trains, cars, etc. The problem is that noise reduction is a technical task. While shielding the sound, how to retain the original sound quality and how to be more comfortable when noise reduction is turned on? This is not something that a small factory can do, and even Samsung also specializes in it. Reduce the pressure in the ear and move the knife on the hardware.

For the entry team, for those earphones that cost more than 4 or 500 yuan, what this group wants is cheap, and cheap is the only requirement. But at this price, you don't actually have any ability to ask for it, because a Bluetooth headset with a price of 100 yuan or less can only give you a selling point, and there is no way to balance it in other places, and it is qualified if it is not bad.
For the gaming party, the only requirement for this wave of people is to have a low latency, and this requirement is actually the best to achieve, even a 100 yuan headset can handle it, but the more expensive headsets are not good enough in delay. It is also a more troublesome place. You want good sound quality, but the delay is not good. If you have a delay, the sound quality is not good.
Sports, I hope there is a bit of sound quality, the main thing is to wear it with comfort, and then have a certain degree of waterproofing. Don't fall off when running, but usually I recommend sports to buy collar earphones.
So when buying a Bluetooth headset, what should I choose? As I said above, you have to figure out which school you are before you can buy the right earphones.

For experiential people, I recommend buying products above 1,000 yuan, and try to give priority to big brands, such as Sony, Bose, beats, etc. If your phone is an Apple or Samsung, you can also buy their own true wireless, and the experience is also very good.

Headset buying guide: what to pay attention to when buying a true wireless Bluetooth headset

The factor that will affect your choice of headphones at a price of 1,000 yuan is not the sound quality, but the value of its accessories, such as brand, noise reduction experience, interactivity, and appearance.
Noise reduction group is a group that is easier to be misled. In fact, most business people are on the experience group. Most of them are users of noise reduction headsets from Apple or Sony. Recently, a wave of Huawei FreeBuds Pro has joined in.
The most messy thing is the price of 300-600 yuan. Many noise-cancelling headphones in this price range are fools. Noise reduction is the only selling point of headphones, and then through some media to exaggerate and reduce the quality of noise, it is successful. The logic that "with noise reduction" equals a good headset is promoted.
In fact, if you think about it carefully, do you really need noise reduction? In some outdoor scenes, noise reduction is a safety hazard. At most, it is used when taking a train or an airplane.
Some earphone manufacturers take back some of the entry-level models before and modify them, and add a noise reduction function to sell them for an extra 100 yuan. The sound quality is still the original ghost, but it is just improvised to add noise reduction.
Noise reduction is a kind of comprehensive optimization, including software tuning, hardware structure re-planning, and even chip upgrades. Many products are completely foolish, cheating one by one. If you really have a strong need for noise reduction, it is recommended that you buy a slightly more expensive one.

If you want to buy a Bluetooth headset between 200-400, then I personally recommend you to consider FIIL and Wanmo. These two brands of headsets are not excellent, but most of their products are relatively balanced, that is, the sound quality Not bad, and the delay is also good, basically not affecting the game experience too much.
FIIL headphones need to choose a model, not all of them are easy to use. For example, FIIL CC looks good and has a good wearing experience, but the battery life is too short, and 3 hours is enough. Also, the quality control of CC does not seem to be very good. I have seen a lot of cases where the connection is not working well or one of them is broken.
Wanmo’s headset wearing experience is better than FIIL, and I personally feel that the hardware quality is also better than FIIL, but the headset looks average, not fresh. Some of Xiaomi's headsets are also manufactured by their family. You will find that as long as the headsets are manufactured by their family for Xiaomi, they are all good to use.

QCY is a relatively special brand. Its core is "cheap". I think it is redundant to ask for the good sound quality of it. I want to understand it. How good is the price at this point? But most of his headsets have low latency for games. They are very suitable for gamers, or for casual scenes like watching live broadcasts and using vibrato, which do not require any sound quality. It is most suitable to buy them.

The key to avoiding pits:
Don’t be superstitious that noise reduction is the only selling point of headphones;
Don't be superstitious that 300 or 400 headphones can reach a sound quality of 1,000 yuan;
Although the headset is metaphysical, it definitely pays for what you pay for;
Below 1000 yuan, delay, battery life, quality, and comfort are the key points;
Above 1,000 yuan, experience, characteristics, and brand are the key points;
Don’t trust the phone manufacturer (if they have headphones);

Purchase keywords:
If you use a mobile phone, this brand has also launched its own Bluetooth headset, you can give priority to it, but if you need quality, you should first look for the traditional headset brand. There are specialties in the technical industry, not to mention the foundry, or even the stickers. A bid.
Most of the headsets of mobile phone manufacturers are only optimized for their own products, and support for mobile phones of different brands will be discounted. Instead of buying garbage from a certain mobile phone brand, it is better to buy a traditional brand headset, at least for versatility. better.

Extended content:
Now mobile phone manufacturers have extended the playability of headsets to the ecological field. For example, some headsets support dual-device connection. Double-click or click to return to the last used device. Apple's headset has a higher depth, including the versatility under the same ID and the improvement of audio experience.
Noise reduction and non-noise reduction are actually like cars and SUVs. They are not comparable. They are just for different purposes. There is no such thing as who is better than others.
Wireless charging is a key point for the high prices of headphones, and so is noise reduction. However, earphones that support wireless charging will soon become popular among true wireless earphones above 300 yuan, while products above 1,000 yuan will only slowly iterate in experience. There is no new technology at present, but the delay will be done. It's better, but you need to wait for the noise reduction wave to finish before speculating on the delayed selling point.
As for the recommended earphones, I suggest you consider it according to the brands we mentioned above, don't entangle a certain model, and refer to other traditional brands of earphones, perhaps you will have greater gains.
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