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Resolution is certainly a basic performance for speaker headphones

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Analysis is the most basic concept of the speaker headphone system, which characterizes the clarity of the playback sound. But unlike video, because the human auditory system is seriously degraded, we are not as sensitive to sound as we are to pictures. So judging whether a headset is high-resolution or not requires some accumulation of listening experience.
The sound in nature is essentially a combination of multiple sounds. For example, the guitar has the sound of pressing the fingerboard and the sound of fingers rubbing the strings, and the piano has the sound of felt touching the strings. Because our usual attention is focused on the main The sound part, so the key to judging the resolution lies in the capture of secondary sounds. In fact, people's physical hearing is not very different. The essence of golden ears is to master the method of listening.

Resolution is certainly a basic performance for speaker headphones

Resolving power is certainly a basic performance for speakers and headphones, but we do not need to pursue excessively just for music performance. Just like for movies, it is not necessary to pursue high resolutions as much as scenery documentaries, but to pay more attention to the expression of the story in the picture. Many classic earphones don't take analysis as their strengths, such as HD580, which is still an excellent classical music playback device. Zimmerman once said that the current record will record more sounds into the record, such as the sound of the flip, which is not helpful for music appreciation.

Analysis characterizes the gap between recording and playback relative to reality, and this gap is also very obvious. Today, in the final analysis, those factors affect the analysis.

The first is that the speaker is inherently impossible to perfectly reproduce the real sound. The speaker has only one diaphragm, and the sound of a real musical instrument is emitted from different parts. The sound of the piano is not only the impact of the strings, but also the entire body. Resonance, which is difficult for a small speaker.

The factor that affects the analysis mainly comes from the horn diaphragm. A lighter diaphragm is easier to capture music signals. However, thinness and rigidity are contradictory, and insufficient rigidity will cause segmentation distortion. So the current flat-diaphragm headphones are making progress here, but there are also problems that are difficult to drive.

Headphone amplifiers/power amplifiers, decoders, and digital players all have an impact on the sound resolution, and the link between them, whether it is an analog signal or a digital signal, will affect the resolution to a certain extent.
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