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[AliExpress] How do novice sellers choose categories to sell products?

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Except for prohibited and restricted categories, higher entry barriers or targeted investment categories, all other categories of AliExpress can theoretically be chosen by novice sellers. If you take into account the speed of store growth, after-sales service, and total cost, etc. , New sellers can’t do whatever they want. We will always ask sellers with high sales which is appropriate, but please note:

1. When someone else does a good job, you can tell you what to do when you ask him why? Can it be done? After telling you, there is one more competitor, and from asking this question, many old sellers think this newbie is a fool.

2. Even if someone tells you that this type of project is worth doing, it is really easy to sell, but it does not mean that you will be able to do it. In addition to experience, what can be done is also affected by many factors such as luck, timing, product strategy, market conditions at the time, and traders. The present moment does not mean the moment they did it, so you may not be able to do it.

Therefore, it is better to ask which category you want to do, which category is suitable for you, and make arrangements based on your current financial situation, personnel, and advantages. If you don’t know, here are the ideas shared:

1. High dispute rate and return rate can not be considered temporarily

The dispute rate and the high return rate are generally related to size, such as clothing, shoes, wedding dresses. Even if the size is clearly written, because everyone is different, some people feel loose and some feel tight when facing the same size clothes. If we really care about these data after all, we don't consider it. (Note: The high mentioned here is relative to other industries, not absolute value.)

2. Those liable to infringement may not be considered temporarily

Toys and clothing are prone to infringement. If they are targeted, the product pushed by the resources invested will be deleted, and the store will be closed, which is not worthwhile. Therefore, this factor must be considered when novice sellers choose a category. (Note: Infringement-prone category only means that it is easier to infringe or be targeted compared to other categories, not an absolute value.)

3. If the damage rate is too high, don't consider it temporarily

It is not recommended to choose items that need to be handled with care, such as lighting, some digital, some equipment, and toys. Although sellers can make the packaging more delicate and tighter, violent sorting is common in the long-distance logistics process, and the probability of product damage is higher than other drop-resistant products.

Fourth, carefully consider the categories affected by the season

Novice sellers usually start their own business, if you do it in the company, it's a different story. I have limited capital for my own business and I have to save a little bit of money for every penny. I have to spend too much money later. If you choose a category that is affected by the season, you just buy it. Every time the season changes, you have to re-purchase new products in advance. The accumulation of funds increases, so it is very important to choose a category that can be sold throughout the year.

Although AliExpress sells to the world, you know that many categories are visited by individual countries and account for a high proportion of sales. If the season is over, it will be difficult for other countries to make up your previous sales.

Five, careful consideration of excessive freight costs

[AliExpress] How do novice sellers choose categories to sell products?

The high freight cost is the absolute number here, that is, the category or product with a high weight. Some categories such as equipment, equipment and tools are affected by the material, even if the cheapest logistics is issued, the cost is not a small number, such as this must be carefully considered. The logistics costs of the main channels have been changing, even if it is fine-tuned, but for myself, if a few more orders are placed in a short period of time, such as a month, the changes in logistics costs are very large, which seriously affects profits.

6. Combine your own advantages

If you are in an industrial belt, you do not need to consider the aforementioned factors, because advantages outweigh disadvantages. In Shantou, there are advantages in making sanitary ware, hardware, and ceramics; in Baigou, there are advantages in making bags; in Shenzhen, it is better to do 3C digital products. If there is nothing in the area, consider combining the first five points.

The above is the overall idea of which category AliExpress sellers choose to enter, the details of which still need to be considered in light of their own circumstances.
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