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How many sites does shopee have? Introduction to each site

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The purchasing power of Shopee's various sites is also different. Firstly, it is related to the country's economic development, and secondly, it is also related to the people's living standards, and of course, the degree of Internet usage.

Shopee ranks first in the number of downloads on Taiwan’s shopping platform. Taiwan has a population of 23.6 million. Although the population is not large, Taiwan’s site has the highest price per customer. Taiwanese buyers have strong spending power and quickly issue orders. It is also currently ranked first in sales. 1 site, the logistics time limit is about 5 days, and can communicate directly in Chinese. There are also more female users in Taiwan, so if you choose products, it is suitable for bags and women's clothing.

Malaysia has a population of 31.6 million, and Malaysia is also the first stop for the transformation of traditional foreign trade. Half of the people in Malaysia will choose to shop online. For Chinese sellers, Malaysia is the "hot item" among the six sites. It is also the most mature among the current Shopee sites, except for Taiwan, China, with many and fast orders. Of a site. Malaysia's consumption power is medium, the time limit is about 7-10 days, and you can communicate in English. The best-selling categories are women's clothing, 3C electronics, maternal and child products, household products, and beauty and health care.

Vietnam is the third most populous country in Southeast Asia, but the consumption power of the Vietnamese market is low, with only 96 million people, and the per capita GDP is only US$2,300. Moreover, the Vietnamese site is a small-language country and cannot communicate directly in English, but the Vietnamese site has a conversion rate. The highest site; hot-selling product categories mobile phone accessories, household goods, fashion accessories.

The second most populous country in Southeast Asia, the Philippines site is relatively complete, and it is easier to issue orders. You can communicate in English; but it should be noted that the refund rate of this site is much higher than that of other sites, so the store’s back-end records are required Points to focus on. The best-selling products on the site are 3C electronics, maternal and child products, household products, women's clothing, beauty and health care.

Because the main language used on this site is Thai, English cannot be used for communication. Try to have translation software and official Shopee customer service and hot-selling product translation services, but the efficiency is still relatively slow. The best-selling items on the site are 3C electronics, women's clothing, maternal and child products, household items, and luggage.

How many sites does shopee have? Introduction to each site

Indonesia is the largest market in Southeast Asia. Indonesia has a population of 260 million, ranking fourth in the world. Although it has a large population, its consumption power is low, and there are more small-language exchanges in Indonesia. But at the same time, Indonesia is also one of the fastest growing sites in Shopee; the hot-selling categories are maternal and child products, 3C electronics, beauty and health care, women's clothing, and fashion accessories.

Developed countries in Southeast Asia, leading the e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, and the headquarters of Shopee. There are many Chinese, and you can communicate in both Chinese and English. E-commerce construction is also the best in Southeast Asia. It has high spending power and fast logistics time. However, the market is relatively small. Hot-selling products are furniture supplies, mobile phone accessories, beauty and personal care. You can also choose more novel products.

The reason why Brazil is a new site is to absorb immigrants from Europe, Africa, Asia and other regions, so there are many customers who can accept new things.
The Brazilian station currently stationed in Shopee, as far as women’s clothing categories are concerned, there are rewards, as well as the platform’s novice support, homepage activity promotion, and theme activities, which can guarantee that the store will receive at least 5 activity exposure positions and an additional 2% for activity products. -10% product subsidy. Because it is a newly opened site, only some high-quality sellers will be settled (invitation system).
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