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Why is a transmission line floor speaker

2021-03-09 502
In order to achieve the best low frequency in the smallest space occupation, the improved transmission line floor LH5 speaker is the most suitable choice. The frontal width of 17cm is equivalent to a standard 4.5-inch bookshelf speaker. What is the principle that can make the width of LH5 so narrow and have amazing low frequency?

We know that speakers need cabinet volume to release low frequencies, and a standard 5.25-inch cone bass usually needs at least 7L of volume, and the height of floor-standing speakers allows enough space to design the transmission line structure. However, traditional labyrinth structures such as pmc db1 usually cause obvious low-frequency tailing effects due to the slow flow rate of air in the pipe, which has become the low-frequency uncleanness of many people's penalties.

Why is a transmission line floor speaker

The best way to solve this bottleneck is to start from the idea of fluid mechanics, under the condition of constant flux, through the compression of the pipeline to achieve a greater flow rate, thereby greatly reducing the low-frequency tail of the outlet. LH5 is designed with a small back cavity and a narrow air outlet at the back of the unit. When the woofer is operating, the compressed air from the back cavity is transported to the transmission line through the slit to obtain a great flow rate. This is the key breakthrough to improve the traditional labyrinth procrastination bass.

The narrow and shallow back cavity here is the key to achieving rapid compression of air, and at the same time it obviously weakens the force of the horn, so that the cone can work in a short stroke, while the traditional inverter box requires greater vibration. stroke. Therefore, this design not only brings lower low-frequency distortion, but also taps the upper limit of low-frequency power.

However, things are not limited to this. LH5 uses the surplus height of the cabinet to construct a back-loaded horn, so that the low-frequency outlet reaches the area of an 8-inch unit and radiates to the front. Since the low frequency of the traditional cone loudspeaker diffuses with a large solid angle, it is a kind of energy that is close to non-directional. Then the back-loading design makes the low frequency at the end of the transmission line radiate in a direct front converging manner, further enhancing the forward low frequency energy. The mid and high pitches are absorbed in the long maze, which makes it cleaner than the sound of the forward-facing box. The only disadvantage of this design is the difficulty of processing.
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