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How to choose headphones

2021-03-09 485
Suddenly I want to ask you a question, what do you have to do when you go out now? Presumably the answer is mobile phones, earphones, and keys. Some homes with smart locks and fingerprint locks don’t need to bring the keys.

Then, mobile phones and earphones are essential items in our lives and we carry them with us. Every time I forget to bring a mobile phone, I feel that something is missing, fidgeting, which affects my day's work. Similarly, its accessory-earphones also has such a usefulness. You can wear it when you don’t want to talk; you can wear it when you don’t want to hear other people speak; you can still wear it when you’re in a bad mood; you can wear headphones when you walk on a noisy street or subway, and listen to your favorite songs. I am completely immersed in my own world.

So how to choose a headset is a problem we often encounter. Today, the editor will share with you.

I think it can be considered from the following three aspects.

How to choose headphones

First, the engineering design: whether it is comfortable to wear, and whether there is a bright spot in the appearance.

Second, it is mainly a series of test indicators such as frequency response, distortion impedance, and abnormal sound. Generally speaking, good headphones are better in these aspects.

Third, the most important thing for individuals is sound quality. Sound quality is the soul of headphones. You can listen to it before buying it.

The above is my personal experience on choosing headphones. You can express your own opinions.
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