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What is the difference between Amazon account registration? How to register for Europe, America and Japan sites?

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What is the difference between Amazon account registration? First of all, different sites have different market capacities, competition enthusiasm, and profit margins. So how to register for Europe, America and Japan sites? Let's take a look.

For the moment, although the U.S. station has the largest market capacity, the competition is also the fiercest, and of course the threshold is the lowest compared to other stations; while the European station has relatively high profit margins, the governments of various countries bite the VAT tax (value added tax). The meat is not relaxed, and it is not easy to live in peace. The Japanese station is relatively new. With its close neighbor advantage, the delivery time is fast, the delivery cost is low, and the current profit margin is relatively high, but the biggest limitation is that many Chinese sellers are not familiar with foreign consumer demand; In the Australian station, although there are few sellers, there are many buyers, and the growth momentum is relatively strong. In developed countries, the consumption level is particularly high, the threshold is low, the risk is small, the return is high, and the benefits are more lasting. Moreover, the FBA warehouse in Australia (Fulfillment by Amazon) has been opened, so there is no need to worry about logistics problems after sellers settle in.

Based on the above brief analysis of each site, each site has its own advantages and disadvantages. There is no absolute good, and there is no absolute bad. It is suggested that sellers may wish to open multiple sites at the same time if their energy and ability permit. One or three), the account of one site is used to stabilize their performance, and the account of the other site is used to try to capture a portion of the high profits. This breakthrough is still very necessary for many entrepreneurs.

What is the difference between Amazon account registration? How to register for Europe, America and Japan sites?

North America Site

If you register for the US site, you can open the Canadian site and Mexico site, and only one account is required for the three North American sites.

European sites (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish)

In the same way, as long as you register the UK site in Europe, you can synchronize the products to the other four European sites. Now you only need to declare the vat in the UK and place the goods in the UK warehouse, and you can synchronize the products to Germany, Spain, and Italy. There are orders in these countries that can be shipped from the UK warehouse.

Australia site

Since the Australian site is a newly opened site, it needs to be registered separately, and the monthly fee is 49.95 US dollars, and there is 6-15% fba sales commission.

India site

Because Indian local laws require e-commerce sellers to be affiliated with local businesses in India, you need a third-party service provider as a carrier for you, and you must have an Indian bank account.

01. Prepare information

1. Prepare a new computer, or buy a VPS----Huawei Cloud/Alibaba Cloud/Tencent Cloud (vps)

2. Email such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail (please provide different email addresses for multiple sites)

3. Dual currency credit card number Visa & MasterCard, used for account verification, cardholder name, expiration date, billing address, dual currency, open overseas payment function, at least 1 USD limit (European station requires legal person credit card)

4. Receiving account: WF account or CD account or Payoneer (requires company registration)

5. Business license, it is recommended to register the enterprise store, it is not easy to register an account through the link of the investment manager

A. Must be issued by Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan

(1) Mainland China: Business License

(2) Hong Kong, China: Company Registration Certificate and Business Registration Regulations

(3) Taiwan, China: Registration Form for the Establishment of Limited Companies / Registration Form for Establishment of Joint Stock Companies / Registration Form for Change of Limited Companies / Registration Form for Changes of Joint Stock Limited Companies

B. Please provide color photos/scanned copies, black and white copies are not accepted, the pictures must be complete and clear

C. The expiration date of the business license in Mainland China should be more than 60 days, and the expiration date of the Hong Kong Business Registration Regulations should be more than 45 days. Only one set of Amazon store can be registered for a set of legal person identity information (including accounts in each country, only one in each country)

6. Router MAC address, new router, hardware anti-association (if you have purchased vps, please ignore)

7. Network card MAC address, new network card (if you have purchased vps, please ignore)

8. Prepare 5-10 product titles and pictures

02, registration process

It is recommended to register through the link of the investment manager:

1. Legal Name: Fill in the business name on the business license, and then tick to agree.

2. Fill in the street address, city and country, using pinyin. Business display name is the name of the seller’s shop displayed on the front desk, and must be something that the platform does not have yet. If there are other sales URLs, you can fill them in. Call China +86, fill in your mobile number, and receive SMS verification code. (Special reminder: After this step of verification is completed, it is impossible to return to modify the information, so carefully check the content of this page before verification.)

3. Fill in the credit card number, expiration date, cardholder's name, and billing address. If it is a mainland account, you can choose to fill in the card number and cardholder's information in simplified Chinese and English. Credit cardholders and account registrants do not need to It is the same person; personal credit cards can also be used for corporate accounts.

Note: Please confirm whether the default address information is the same as the credit card billing address. If they are different, please fill in the address in English or Pinyin. The credit card holder and the account registrant need not be the same person; personal credit cards can also be used for corporate accounts.

4. Fill in the store tax information, generally we are Chinese sellers, so choose the W-8 model

5. The last is to fill in your product information.

The above is the content sharing about the different registrations of Amazon sites and how to register the sites in Europe, America and Japan.
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