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Amazon buyers can return the goods for no reason, what should the seller do?

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For Amazon sellers, "request for return" is a nightmare. But in fact, I believe that no Amazon seller has never been returned. Although FBA will help the seller to solve the return within 30 days, it is a blow to the seller in terms of financial and other cost and property losses. The "return tide" that broke out after the peak season is even more desperate.

As long as the product quality is up to the mark, most buyers will happily place an order and pay to receive the goods and leave a good comment. They are afraid that some unscrupulous buyers will use the rules of the Amazon platform to bring huge pressure to the seller.

You will encounter all kinds of weird reasons for returning goods and refunds, and these things are still unavoidable, because Amazon's rules give customers a good protection, they always have a way to make you suffer losses for no reason.

What should I do if the goods are returned by the buyer?

If the FBA order is returned, the buyer can directly contact the buyer support, and Amazon will help you deal with specific issues throughout the process.

Of course, sellers also need to understand the reasons for their goods being returned, so that they can make corrections. The specific process can be started from these aspects:

1. Contact the buyer to inquire about the specific reason why you want to return the product

2. According to the buyer’s response, if the value of the product is not high, you can directly give it to the buyer to leave a good comment. If the value of the product is relatively high, you can negotiate a partial refund with the buyer, so that the buyer has already received the product. Sellers can also reduce losses.

3. If the negotiation fails, let the buyer send the product to the overseas warehouse or domestically. Of course, the specific shipping fee is generally borne by the seller, because the buyer should not leave a bad review.

The best choice is to avoid returns as much as possible, even if the products are directly sent to buyers, if they are returned, there are roughly several ways to deal with them:

1. Goods that are not damaged can be re-labeled and sold by Amazon;

2. If it is damaged, Amazon will prompt that the goods are no longer available for sale and can be entrusted for destruction;

3. Let the third-party overseas warehouse company ship back to China

Amazon buyers can return the goods for no reason, what should the seller do?

4. Let a third-party overseas warehouse company that provides repair and return services to help.

Similarly, self-delivered sellers can also choose to have a third-party overseas warehouse company to carry out similar processing of the goods, but if you plan to store them locally for secondary sales, it is best to take photos of the returned goods to confirm, and then determine whether to import The library is resold.

Generally speaking, it is not recommended to return to the country, because in this case, it will become an imported product, which requires more cumbersome procedures and high costs. Unless the value of the goods is high, think about the address of the overseas warehouse.

Finally, no matter your return rate is high or low, always look at the reasons for returns and sort out the reasons with the highest frequency, so as to make adjustments or formulate corresponding measures to maximize the avoidance of the same situation.

Generally, during the peak season, there are many orders and many returns. How to deal with the return problem during this period?

1. Beginning stage: Identify malicious returns

Not all returns are the seller’s problem. Some buyers will deliberately buy more and return them maliciously. If malicious returns are identified, they must apply to the platform to protect their legitimate interests.
2. Communication stage: give buyers some small discounts
In fact, sometimes people are very lazy. If the things are not particularly expensive and they are barely acceptable, they are reluctant to return the goods. At this time, if you give him some small gifts or coupons for the next purchase, maybe the buyer will No return. (Of course this is based on the premise that the quality of your product is no problem)
3. Return stage: reduce costs

Certain buyers will insist on returning the goods. At this time, it is necessary to consider how to reduce the cost of returning the goods. You can cooperate with some local merchants to send the returned goods to the local address. When the goods are almost ready, they will be packaged and sent back.
4. Cargo recycling: resource integration

The returned goods may have some minor defects. At this time, there are generally several ways to deal with it:
1. Bundle sales with hot-selling products for preferential treatment;
2. Re-sell, but the price should be low, making it into a special product;
3. Cooperate with non-profit organizations to donate things to people in need.
In fact, there are a lot of techniques for handling returns. You can get your own notebooks to correctly handle the return problems you encounter.

Return is unavoidable, what is the processing process?

General return process:

1. The buyer submits a "return application";

2. The seller can check the return application and the reason in the "Order"-"Manage Returns" of the seller platform;

3. According to the "Amazon Product Return Policy", the seller processes the return application in the "Order"-"Manage Returns" of the seller's platform;

4. If the application is closed, Amazon will send an email notification to the buyer, which contains the reason why the seller closed the application;

5. If the return application is approved, the system will send the seller's return address to the buyer by email, and the seller is waiting for the buyer to return the goods;

6. After the seller receives the return, he can operate the order refund on the "Manage Return" or "Manage Order" page; how the seller handles the return application On the seller's platform, click "Order" --- "Manage Return" to view and process the buyer's Return request.

The above is a detailed explanation of some common problems about Amazon's order management, and I hope it will be helpful to sellers and friends who are doing Amazon stores.
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