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Is AliExpress easy to do? Is it suitable for novice sellers to do

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Written in the front--" AliExpress" Alibaba's cross-border retail platform for overseas markets, China's largest cross-border export platform, the platform model is similar to domestic Tmall, that is, we can sell products through AliExpress Globally, the current platform covers more than 230 countries around the world, which means that as long as the country that downloads the AliExpress APP can buy Chinese products on it, it is also the world's largest platform for APP downloads. The platform operation model is similar to Tmall. The focus is on store operation and the brand-based development route. Alibaba’s mission is to make the world easy to do business. China’s Haohuo connects the world. AliExpress is the key development direction of Alibaba’s future globalization. Logistics Method At present, most sellers ship goods through the domestic market. AliExpress is easy to use in the early stage and the investment cost is not large.

AliExpress will have some problems now, why is it suitable for novices?

Then I would like to ask everyone, there were as many Taobao problems ten years ago, and sellers were full of complaints and problems! So if you can go back to ten years ago, would you do Taobao?

"Missed Taobao ten years ago, don't miss AliExpress now!"

This sentence is not about confidence in AliExpress, but about Alibaba's funds and technology. Confidence in international influence. I remember that when a Russian user was chatting, he said a very exaggerated sentence, "Alibaba is a god-like existence in our country!"

In addition, there are only opportunities for platforms under construction. If you want to do it if you have a perfect platform, I’m sorry, it’s too late.

1. At this stage, self-delivering sellers still have a competitive advantage.

Although AliExpress is now vigorously deploying overseas warehouses, there is also room for development for self-delivered seller traffic.

2. Lower trial and error costs.

Margin system, plus a self-delivery model. The trial and error cost of novice sellers is guaranteed to the greatest extent.

(To put it bluntly, novice sellers really don't want to do it for a few months. If you withdraw and return the deposit in full, what do you lose?)

3. Relatively complete system guarantee!

They are all saying that the AliExpress system is flawed and the platform management is not effective.

Comment objectively:

Is AliExpress easy to do? Is it suitable for novice sellers to do

a. Compensation policy for online shipments

b. Third-party hassle-free return protection plan

c. Dispute handling system of after-sale treasure.


These systems, besides AliExpress, which other platform can do it? Just like the after-sales treasure may still have some problems, how much rights and interests the seller protects on the whole! The compensation guarantee for online shipments protects how many users lose their logistics.

Let me introduce you to the AliExpress platform

(Platform market situation, logistics plan, payment and return method)

Alibaba's cross-border export retail layout

AliExpress radiates the global market: (Russia-centric Russian-speaking countries Europe: France, Poland, Spain, the United States, Brazil, the Middle East, etc.)

LAZADA radiates Southeast Asia: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, etc.

Tmall Overseas: Tmall Overseas Radiates Global Overseas Chinese Consumers

Popular daily consumption categories

Key country

France (population: 67.12 million Internet penetration rate: 90% GDP per capita: $38,447)

Russia (population: 144.5 million Internet penetration rate: 80% GDP per capita: $10,743)

Spain (population: 46.73 million Internet penetration rate: 74.5% GDP per capita: 25,000 euros)

Brazil (population: 208 million Internet penetration rate: 59% GDP per capita: $9,821)

United States (Population: 330 million Internet penetration rate: 76.8% GDP per capita: $59,407)

1. Entry requirements and store opening steps

Requirements: 1. Enterprise business license

2. Corporate Alipay: (1) If you don’t have a corporate Alipay account, you need to go to the official Alipay platform to apply according to the process (a corporate Alipay application requires a corporate account) (2) Or use the company’s legal person payment and corporate license to authenticate

3. Prepare the trademark qualification (there is also a TM acceptance letter for your own trademark or agency trademark): (Aliexpress stores are divided into franchise stores, specialty stores and official flagship stores)

4. Platform category 10,000 yuan (refundable at any time)

2. The transaction link and process consistent with domestic e-commerce

3. Diversified logistics solutions

Overseas warehouse: local warehouse delivery, local return and exchange services are fast, reduce logistics costs, and have fewer category restrictions. Applicable: large, valuable goods, and hot money

Fast logistics: Including commercial express and express services provided by the post. The freight cost is high, the time is fast, and the whole process information can be inquired. Applicable: high-value, easily damaged goods

Standard logistics: Including postal registration service and special line service. The freight cost is moderate. The whole logistics information can be inquired without any amount limit. Most categories can be sent. Applicable: medium value and weight, rigid demand products

Simple logistics: postal simple registration service provides the destination country post office information to provide buyers with key information such as receipt. Application: light and small items, non-urgently needed, wear-resistant

Economy class: The postal economy parcel, the freight cost is low, and the information of the destination country is not available. Applicable: light and small items, low value, non-urgent need, wear-resistant
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