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Little knowledge of speaker suspension

2021-03-08 401
The diffusion of the suspended speaker will be more average than that on the flat ground. We know that at this time: sound pressure = 20Log (reference distance/distance), that is, SPL = 20Log (Dref/D)

If the distance from the speaker is doubled, the sound pressure will be reduced by 6dB (inverse square law), because SPL=20Log(1/2)=20Log0.5=20*(-0.301)=-6dB

Little knowledge of speaker suspension

suspension speakers have its advantages, but if you plan to hang speakers, please pay attention to hiring a professional as a consultant, because this is a matter of life. Note that the suspension system should calculate the endurance at the weakest connection part. When installing the suspension audio system, you must know the endurance of the suspension accessories you use.

During the installation process, pay attention to some specific issues, such as the distribution of power on the sling. At this time, the internal angle sine value = negative angle efficiency (Load Angle Efficiency). Keep the internal angle to a minimum and not too flat, which will reduce the carrying capacity of the sling. .
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