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Tips for buying headphones

2021-03-08 472
Now more and more people choose to buy headsets. Compared with other types of headsets, headsets have a larger sound unit, a better sound field, and a very high wearing comfort, allowing you to listen for a longer time. On the bus, on the subway, on the plane, waiting for people...have its presence, so how to buy a headset?

The first point is that headsets are divided into over-ear and press-on-ear. The over-ear type wraps the entire ear in the comfort level will be higher, and the ear-pressing type will be uncomfortable for a long time.

The second point is that you can start from the material of the earmuffs. It is recommended to choose soft leather, which is more comfortable during wearing and suitable for long-term wearing.

The third point is that the material used in the head beam can be selected with better flexibility, can withstand twisting and bending, so that it is not prone to breakage, it is also relatively strong and practical, and it takes a long time to use.

The fourth point, try to choose headphones with greater sensitivity. Sensitivity is expressed in dB. The higher the value, the smaller the input power and the louder the sound under the same power. The sensitivity of the portable headphones we use is usually between 95-120dB.

There are a few small details that need attention:

1. The material used for earmuffs is recommended to choose soft leather, so that the ears will be more comfortable when worn, and there will be no sultry feeling, suitable for long-term wearing

2. The design is preferably a full-ear bag, which not only can effectively block the noise from the outside, but also the ears will not be painful when worn for a long time. Its head beam should be light and handy, and it will be designed according to the curve of the head, so that it can fit well on the head and minimize the pressure on the head.

Tips for buying headphones

3. The material of the head beam should have good flexibility and be able to withstand arbitrary twists and bends, so that it is not prone to breakage. It is also relatively strong and practical, and takes a long time to use.

4. The earphone wire, if you place the earphone at will, it will be messy. In order not to be affected by this external factor, the earphone wire must be anti-knotted and have good elasticity, which can prevent it from being twisted together.

5. Sound quality. The overall sound of the headset should be clear and can bring us good results without turbidity or noise.

6. Position adjustment The height of the headset should be adjustable, adjusted to a more comfortable position, and will be fixed at the required height

7. It is convenient to fold and carry. We sometimes take it out of the house, and can put it in the bag when not in use. If it can be folded, it will not take up too much space, and there is no need to worry about breaking it.

In fact, the most important factor depends on personal preference. After all, what suits you and what you like is the best.
The above are tips for choosing headphones. What should everyone consider first when choosing headphones?
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