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Why did headphones become popular?

2021-03-08 481
This question is well asked, and give a serious answer to the subject.
From the old records to the current headphones, headphones have become a single product of the times. They have their sight on the road and the subway, but there are reasons behind all this.

The birth of earphones: human singing mode—records—recording tapes—MP3 various audio equipment—headphones. Headphone structure: in-ear, earbud, neck-hanging, ear-hanging, and head-mounted Sound quality: recording playback— —Clear three-band—three-band balanced noise reduction: no noise reduction—passive noise reduction—active noise reduction—active and passive combined with intelligent noise reduction. Hearing damage: excessive volume of all earphones will damage hearing.

Why did headphones become popular?

The head-mounted type pays more attention to HIFI sound quality and noise reduction ability, and does not enter the ear canal like the in-ear type, causing uncomfortable damage to the ear canal. Comfortable to wear: The general head-mounted ear cushions are very soft and will not be uncomfortable to wear for a long time.

Appearance: Unknowingly, it is already a fashionable single product, out of the street configuration. Other functions: precise positioning of playing games, non-disturbance of English listening, noise reduction ability of listening to music. Integration is a necessary configuration for friends with a fever. Perfect sound quality is their pursuit. In addition, when enjoying music, not being disturbed by the surrounding voices and ambient sounds is also one of the musts. You don’t have to turn up the volume and risk the right The affected zone of hearing damage is isolated from outside noise.
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