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A large number of Amazon accounts have been linked up! The reason for the association?

2021-03-08 498
What is account linking?
Amazon stipulates that a seller can only own one store. Account association is that Amazon obtains seller information through its own technical means, and determines whether multiple accounts belong to the same seller by matching associated factors.

There are many more factors, and there is only one end of account linking-permanent deactivation!

Here you may say: I know this too!

But the editor wants to reiterate the consequences of account association:


No longer reply

Surely many sellers must have thunderous and scratched their heads for the word association! Puzzled! I have no connection!

Dear sellers, the possibility of Amazon's big data misjudgment is almost negligible! The seller’s behavior is just two words in front of Amazon: streaking~

Okay, not much to say. Next, the editor will summarize the causes of account association:

1. You have just applied for two sets of U.S. site accounts. I was so happy that you accidentally clicked the wrong ERP. The two sets of account sites have the same product, so you have been recruited! Remember: it is associated with the site account, and the products sold between the accounts are crossed!

2. Recently the sales volume is too poor, I thought of follow-up sales. There are many accounts in hand, large and small, small and large, gearing up for a big fight. Many shops will be linked because of one of your shops. ! Remember: it will also be related to selling!

3. Don't be so stupid to contact different Amazon stores with your usual email address! Remember: mailboxes will also be associated!

4. There are too many email accounts, unified management, which saves trouble, but brings big trouble. Amazon will quietly record the IP of your email when reading pictures. Be careful!

5. The picture saves trouble, the shipping address and phone number are the same! I've been recruited again!

6. In order to better respond to customer questions, my God! The reply template is exactly the same! The same leads to association!

7. The contact information of each registration website should completely correspond to the trademark registration and Amazon backend store information. Remember: the brand registration will also be associated!

8. Take care of your VPS, there will often be tips for bug fixes, and fix bugs in time to avoid vulnerability attacks and associations. VPS should choose some niche ones! Well-known VPS is easy to make an oolong!

The editor has done so much, compare it carefully, and see if there is such a situation in your account, well, finally remind everyone: account security is no small matter! Don't lose the madam again!
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