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What is the difference between resonant sound and traditional sound

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In the routine, as long as it is an audio, then it must rely on the audio diaphragm to pronounce, but the resonance audio breaks this convention. It uses a new sound principle to transmit sound through the medium, so that the desktop, glass, metal, wall , The bathtub has all become a stage of music, and the shocking effect makes you feel the unique auditory enjoyment.

What is the difference between resonant speakers and traditional speakers? The biggest feature of the resonant speaker is that it breaks through the traditional appearance design and exquisite manufacturing craftsmanship, quite the demeanor of an international brand. There is also a relatively big feature, that is, the super-powered crystal, which can make any hard surface it touches, such as desktop, glass, metal, stone surface, etc. vibrate and sound, and allow music to penetrate these hard surfaces to make the surface It can speak both inside and out, which is very suitable for young users who are pursuing magic and novelty.

What is the difference between resonant sound and traditional sound

Resonant speakers represent domestic manufacturers' high-level grasp of high-tech and industrial design, and also adapt to the strong demand of domestic consumers for the personalization of consumer electronic products. They are among the top domestic standards in styling design and processing. For users who usually like to listen to popular music, these sound qualities are absolutely sufficient. Due to the limitation of sound production technology, the low frequency performance of this resonance speaker does not reach the level of dynamic speakers, but users who buy such products will not care about this. One point, after all, its biggest selling point lies in its shape and novelty. People in the industry still have a good impression of it.

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